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Distance Sessions: Do They Really Work?

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

At some point near the middle of writing this post, I realised I’d gotten a little carried away and my blog had grown into a novel, so I decided to divide it up into two parts. In Part One I share some of my most surprising and memorable experiences giving distance sessions to my clients and the feedback I received from them. In Part Two I'll reveal the fascinating insights modern science have to offer about why distance energy therapy is a thing. 


I had been doing regular 1-On-1 Biofield Tuning sessions for a few months before I was asked to do a distance session by a new client. Having never given or received a distance session before, I had no first-hand knowledge of their efficacy. Other BT practitioners talked about them enthusiastically, so I thought I’d give it a try. 

My client and I had never met before and because of this we were both curious to see what came up during the session, so we agreed to not discuss any specifics before hand. Instead we would compare notes during a phone call afterwards.


It felt a little strange looking at an empty massage table, so I grabbed Mavis the mannequin I use to model my photography costumes and lay her on the table. Now at least I had some anatomy to guide me. Even though my surrogate client was plastic, things felt a bit more normal. Snort! Who am I kidding? None of this stuff is normal! 


Using social media pictures (the only reference I had to my real client, apart from her name) I imagined she was lying on my table. To be perfectly honest, I felt a bit silly and wasn’t expecting to sense anything, but I was determined to remain open minded. 

To my surprise my forks located her Earth Star and her Sun Star and my pendulum found which of her chakras were blocked. Because I couldn’t talk to my client, I let my intuition guide me to which of these areas I should start with. As per a regular 1-On-1 session, I found the edge of the field and combed my way in. Along the way, I found static, resistance and the occasional pitch change. I made detailed notes about what I found and the age they related to. I ended up with pages of notes, because there was so much going on in her field! I’m so glad I wrote it all down, because there was no way I could have remembered it all. 

Dialing her number after the session, I felt a flutter of nerves, but I wasn’t sure if they were mine or hers. She let me talk first and listened quietly as I read through my notes. There was silence at the other end of the phone and for a moment I thought we had lost our phone connection, or perhaps she was just disappointed. As it turned out she was a bit nervous and was trying to process all the information I had just given her, the relevance of which was a little overwhelming. Like me, she hadn’t expected to sense as much as she did, but she described in detail the multitude of different sensations, images and emotions she had experienced over the last hour. These included feelings of energy moving in her body, as well as pressure and pulling sensations on her skin while I was adjusting her Earth and Sun Star. Even though she was hundreds of miles away, she could feel which energy center I was working on. I listened in amazment as she linked the information I found in her timeline with the events of her past, which explained why I had seen and felt the things I did. The best part was that she had felt something big shift during the session and she was already feeling lighter and brighter. We were both so intrigued by the whole thing, our post-session conversation lasted longer than the actual session did! 

Since that first distance session, I have done many more and each one has had its surprises. For example, during one session with an overseas client, my forks and intuition guided me to a place on her back between her shoulder blades. I saw in my minds eye a dagger sticking out of her at an odd angle, as if it had been pushed up from below. My inner forensic detective suspected a betrayal of sorts because it looked like the kind of angle you would expect to see if someone was stabbed in the heart while being hugged. With the intention of care, I removed the dagger, closed the ‘wound’ and severed the energetic connection between my client and the dagger’s owner. My client later confirmed that she had been betrayed by someone she was in a serious relationship with and at the time it felt like that person had stabbed her in the back. My client had no idea the dagger construct was there when our session started, but was not surprised I had found one. Interestingly, she could feel a pulling sensation between her shoulder blades when I was removing the dagger, but she didn’t feel any pain.

The feedback from this client about her distance sessions has been very encouraging. She is feeling more positive about her life now and has gained more clarity about her past and its relevance to her current situation. Her relationship with a close family member has shown improvements and she is seeking further distance sessions to address their specific issues. 

Another memorable moment in the aether came near the end of a session while I was columing the throat chakra of a different client. I suddenly got a strong taste of banana in my mouth, which was weird, because I hadn’t eaten a banana in at least a week. Just in case it had some relevance I noted it down, along with the time. Afterward, when I was just about to wrap up the post-session call with this client, I saw my note and decided to risk looking foolish by asking her if she had eaten a banana near the end of her session. She said she had. My mind was blown! 

I have since learned that everything, no matter how bizarre or trivial it might seem, is worthy of noting, because you never know what its relevance might be to the person you’re tuning. 

That reminds me of a session when I spontaneously started chanting like a Native American Indian. It came as a shock to me I can tell you! I had no idea where it came from, but because no one was listening and it felt like it needed to happen, I just went with it. The chant morphed into movement and I felt a deep sense of solemnity, like I was taking part of a sacred rite or ritual. I suddenly realised that I was not alone. An angelic-looking spirit was watching me, guiding me. The spirit revealed the cause of my client's distress; a family curse, which had been put on her during a different incarnation, one in which she was a native American woman. As I followed the spirit's instructions on how to lift the curse, I wondered how on earth was I going to explain this to my client on the phone after the session. To my utter amazement, my client didn’t bat an eyelid. She already had her suspicions about the curse and knew that she had been an American native in a former life! 

The first adrenal reset I gave over a distance session was interesting because the client didn’t experience any recalibration delay, which can include a day or two of tiredness before energy levels increase. Instead of resting the following day as instructed, this client was outside with a shovel shifting a mountain of dirt! Her energy had immediately returned to its pre-fatigue levels. When I checked in with her a couple of weeks later, I was pleased to hear her energy levels were still good.

I could go on and on... but I think you get the picture - distance sessions do work. The other thing they have taught me is to expect the unexpected!

If you found this part interesting, you’ll be intrigued to read Part Two. Find out what revelations the experts at the frontier of science are revealing about quantum physics and the nature of our consciousness, how these discoveries relate to distance sessions and what the teachings our ancient spiritual traditions have been saying for centuries.

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