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Dowsing Classes & Private Tutorials

Online & In-Person

Dowsing is the ancient and exciting art form of finding answers and things that dates back thousands of years. The reason that it has stuck around so long is because it works, anyone can learn to do it, and it can be a life-enhancing skill in so many ways.

My online and in-person group dowsing classes are a good balance of thought-provoking theory and fun practical exercises that can transform you from beginner to advanced in just 4 easy lessons. No previous experience necessary. Sceptics are welcome! I also offer private dowsing tutorials, which are tailored to the individual and allow you to learn at your own pace.

Be prepared to have your mind blown!

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Dowsing Can Help You...​

  • Find answers to your most pressing questions

  • Optimise your health and wellbeing

  • Improve your intuition, clarity and decision making skills

  • Identify roadblocks that prevent you from moving forward

  • Connect you to Source energy

  • Grow your confidence and trust in life

  • Find your purpose and greater fulfilment

  • Enhance your healing practice with a new modality

  • Find underground resources, e.g. water or precious metals

  • Locate lost or hidden things, e.g. pets or archaeological sites

  • Meet like-minded people

  • Have more fun!

Learn dowsing as a healing modality

From my dowsing research I have created a new healing modality, which I incorporate into my Reading and Consultation appointments. Clients often tell me how surprised they are by how accurate and relevant my readings are, and how much discussing my findings helps them to feel seen and understood. Most clients report feeling calmer, lighter, brighter, more positive and energised after their Reading and Consultation. 

In my classes you will learn how to apply my new dowsing modality to any area of the healing arts, whether it be people, animals, relationships, buildings, businesses, or the land. Be sure to check out my Dowsing Charts book, which is a key tool for learning this modality.

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My Dowsing Experience

Dowsing is in my blood. My Grandfather was a dowser and he used his skill and a simple forked stick to find underwater water sources on his farm in Temuka. I didn't find this out until after he had passed, but it explains why I have such an affinity with it. Now dowsing plays a large part in all areas of my life - personal, professional and n my research.


I’ve had the great privilege of receiving 1-On-1 dowsing tutelage from New Zealand author and icon Barry Brailsford, who learned from world renowned dowsing master Hamish Miller. Barry gave me the best compliment ever when he compared my level of energy sensitivity to Hamish's. 


It’s my mission to continue Hamish and Barry's energy work and spread the word about what a transformative skill dowsing can be. Regardless of whether you're open-minded or a sceptic, during my in-person classes you'll have the opportunity to experience hands-on learning and get to know what it feels like to read and interpret energy flows and patterns. 

Benefits Of Learning Dowsing From Me...

  • Direct experience with a professional dowser who can answer your questions

  • Personalised guidance, encouragement and support 

  • The opportunity to try different dowsing tools and purchase one that’s a good fit for you

  • Immediate confirmation of the results that you’re getting from your dowsing tool

What My Students Have To Say

Magnified Grass


Thank you Vanessa for your professional yet relaxed fun fact filled presentation that was intwined perfectly with practical participation. Keep doing what you’re doing it is a crazy cool topic!

Fern Plant


Vanessa shares a wealth of information and presents this training in a way that allows participants to interact and reach achievable goals in an interesting and explorative way.

Tropical Leaves


My eyes have been opened to a world I knew was there but felt like I couldn’t see or feel it. It has actually set me free from fear to trust my instincts, to practise connecting with and nourishing my energy biofield and build my awareness. Thanks so much Vanessa for helping me to see.

Pendulums &

rods available for purchase online

or from my studio

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Class Timetable

Level One

To be confirmed for 2024

Level Two

To be confirmed for 2024

Level Three

To be confirmed for 2024


Level Four

To be confirmed  for 2024


Level One

To be confirmed for 2024

Level Two

To be confirmed for 2024

Level Three

To be confirmed for 2024

Level Four

To be confirmed for 2024

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Private Dowsing Tutorials

Dowsing classes are social and great fun, but some people prefer a quieter, more personalised approach to learning. Private tutorials allow me to elaborate on topics with you in more depth and provide information that’s not presented in classes. Private tutorials can be done in-person or online from a distance, regardless of what timezone you're in. 

Benefits of a private tutorial...

  • Private tutorials are tailored to the individual client’s needs

  • They enable you to learn at your own pace and work on any areas that you require extra help with

  • They allow you to ask questions you may not feel confident asking in a group setting and fill in any gaps in your knowledge 

  • They can also provide information that’s not presented in classes

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