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'The Resonance Revolution' is a podcast about the transformative and healing power of energy medicine, the frontier of healthcare that's bridging the gap between science and spirituality. 


Resonance is an ancient technology that’s been rediscovered by modern scholars and successfully applied to many areas of research. The positive results of this research has begun a world-wide revolution in thinking about how the universe works. 


This paradigm shift echoes what the ancient sages have been saying for centuries, that we are all connected and that the best survival strategy is co-operation, not competition. 


So, if you’re curious about the invisible forces that shape our visible world, and you want to learn more about how to utilise them to enhance your life at every level, then 'The Resonance Revolution' is the perfect podcast for you.

I’m usually much more of a ‘behind the scenes’ sort of person, but energy medicine has been so profoundly transformative for me, and for many of my clients, that I decided to confront my discomfort of being in the spotlight, and share my knowledge with the world - in the hope that my listeners will also benefit from receiving this information.

I've designed my podcast like a course with three levels, each one building on the knowledge of the previous one, so it's best to listen to each episode in chronological order.

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Season One

Season One is all about the basics of energy, energy fields, and our physical and subtle energy systems. I explore the nature of consciousness and its role in healing. Plus, I explain the science and art of coherence and resonance and discuss their many benefits to us, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially and globally. 


I also share my personal journey of healing and how I went from being a photographer to an energy therapist and researcher who studies the effects of frequency and consciousness on our health and wellbeing.


In this first season I give you the foundations from which you can build your knowledge of energy mastery so you can experience more ease and flow in your life - and thrive! 


Season One of my podcast is out now on Spotify and many other major podcast platforms. 


I warmly invite you to join me on my journey of discovery into the often bizarre, but always fascinating world of energy medicine.


See you there!