All session types are 75 minutes and cost $80.

Save money by purchasing multiple sessions at once with a Pre-paid Plan. 

1-On-1 Session

Biofield Tuning harnesses the power of frequency and intention to identify the root causes of illness, including: chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, IBS, PTSD, addiction and ancestral trauma disorders. Many clients report a reduction of pain and feeling lighter, brighter, more energised, confidant, calmer and less triggered by stressors after just one session. 1-On-1s are in-person sessions with me at my West Auckland studio, overlooking the beautiful Waitakere Ranges. Here you can relax, enjoy the view and a beverage before getting comfortable on a massage table or seated on a chair.


Distance Session

Receive all the many benefits of a 1-On-1 Biofield Tuning session in the comfort of your own home. The cool thing about energy is that you can work with it remotely just as effectively as you can in person. The effects of a distance session can be felt immediately, no matter where in the world you live, or what time zone. If you would like to actively participate in your session, I can conduct your distance session via video call, or we can just discuss it over the phone once your session is competed. While your distance session is taking place, I highly recommend you do something relaxing and do not work or drive, as the effects of this therapy can be distracting and it might make you drowsy. All new distance clients must read, sign and return the Client Rego and Disclaimer forms before their session begins. You can download the forms from the Ts & Cs page. 


Are you feeling tired all the time but can't sleep? Is it effecting your performance at work, sapping your creativity and making you moody? Adrenal glands control the release of the stress hormones and if you've been under stress for a prolonged period, its likely that your adrenals have forgotten how to turn off. On has become their new default setting.

Resetting your adrenal rhythm takes between one and three sessions, depending on how long your adrenal rhythm has been out of kilter. Ideally these sessions should be spaced a week apart to allow your body to adjust. People whose adrenals have been over burdened for prolonged periods typically experience two or three days of extreme tiredness, after which they feel a noticeable increase in their energy levels. Once your body has fully recalibrated, you will notice your quality of sleep improve, your moods even out and your energy levels increase. Some of the other benefits to this treatment may include: improved cell regeneration and decreased ageing.  A regular Biofield Tuning session should be done before an adrenal reset to better assist your body's ability to integrate change and recalibrate. Adrenal sessions can be done in-person or from a distance.


Deeply relax while energy blockages are cleared and vitality and balance are gently restored to your energy and circulatory systems. Activated weighted forks with smooth crystal tips are used to efficiently stimulate energy flow along the body's meridians, body's energy transport system, or energy bloodstream. Every organ and every physiological system is fed by at least one meridian. When energy is not free flowing, a bottleneck forms and toxins build up, blocking the vital resources needed to support the body. If left unchecked, these blockages can cause illnesses, so regular sessions are recommended as a preventative measure. As well as the body, the face is an area of focus during these sessions and many clients have noticed a reduction in puffiness, redness and worry lines. You may feel like having a nap or an early night after your session, but be prepared to feel refreshed and revitalised the next morning. These sessions are in-person only. 


Harmony is the key to any good relationship. These sessions can be between any two people or animals, or between you and anything, e.g., your finances or your body image. The other person does not need to be present, but their permission is required first before work on their energy field can begin. If they don't grant their permission, you can still tune your thoughts and emotions towards that person. By defusing your own emotional charge, your normal triggers can decrease and you'll be better able to sustain calmness, which in turn benefits your relationship to them and everyone around you. These sessions can be done in-person or from a distance.


Outwardly scars may give the appearance that the body has healed itself, but deep scars can form a barrier between severed fascia (our electrical wiring) creating a short circuit in the system. To get energy circulating again, I bridge the gap with frequency and with repeated treatment, new electrical pathways are created and the scar tissue is no longer a dead end. Once your energy is flowing freely again you can raise your voltage (the amount of energy in your system) and enjoy an increase in your overall energy levels and a stronger immunity against pathogens. Like me, you may notice after several treatments that exercise becomes energising rather than draining, making weight loss easier. These sessions are in-person.


thoughtful and nourishing gift for anyone, any occasion or time of year. You can purchase any number of sessions and let your recipient choose which session type they would like. Because I like to save trees and emails are faster and more convent than posting paper, these vouchers are digital and will be emailed to your recipient once your payment has been processed. The digital voucher will have a code your recipient can use at the checkout when making their booking.

Your FREE personal energy assessments will include useful information about:

* What level of vital force energy you have in your system.

* Where you may have specific energy blockages.

* What may be causing those blockages.

* Whether your energy is flowing in the right direction.

* How well grounded you are.

* Advice on how to release your specific blockages, improve your energetic health and increase your vitality.


Energy connects us all, so I can read your energy field from a distance, regardless of what timezone you're in. I will contact you ASAP with your results. 


Please note: I don't do assessments for people without their permission, so remember to include that in your message.


Biofield Tuning is a gentle and effective way to remedy the root causes of many illness, but there are a few situations in which a Biofield Tuning session is not recommended, so please click the link below and read the list if contraindications before booking your session.

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