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As you can see from the list below, I offer a wide range of energy therapy services, which (for simplicity's sake) I’ve separated into the categories of BODY, MIND and SOUL, but in truth they’re all connected so you can’t work on one of these three parts without affecting the other two.


When most clients come to me, they typically don’t know which of my services they need, nor do I expect them to know, that’s stuff we work out during the Reading & Consultation appointment. What they do know is they want to feel better, or perhaps they’re just curious to try energy therapy, and that’s totally fine. 

Your Reading & Consultation appointment includes a 45 minute personal energy assessment, which I do remotely, and a separate 1 hour online consultation. During our consultation I will share your reading findings with you and we can discuss how they relate to your health and wellbeing. I will also give you my recommendations for which of my services will benefit you the most, and together we can create your healing and personal growth strategy.

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Biofield Tuning

Every living thing has its own biofield, or electromagnetic field that surrounds and interpenetrates it. It's the blueprint or musical score your body follows for DNA production and cell renewal, so your health is a direct reflection of the harmony and balance in your biofield. Biofield Tuning harnesses the power of frequency and intention to identify the root causes of illness, including: chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, IBS, PTSD, phobias, addictions, past life and ancestral trauma disorders. Many clients report a reduction of pain and feeling lighter, brighter and more energised and confidant, calmer and less triggered by stressors after just one session. Biofield Tuning is a gentle and non-invasive energy therapy that you can receive in person lying comfortably on a massage table or seated in a chair, or even from a distance. Wherever you are in the world, effects can be felt simultaneously, regardless of which timezone you are in. 

Meridian Flush

Deeply relax while energy blockages are cleared and vitality and balance are gently restored to your energy and circulatory systems. Activated weighted forks with smooth crystal tips are used to efficiently stimulate energy flow along the body's meridians, body's energy transport system. Every organ and every physiological system is fed by at least one meridian. When energy is not free flowing, a bottleneck forms and toxins build up, blocking the vital resources needed to support the body. If left unchecked, these blockages can cause illnesses, so regular sessions are recommended as a preventative measure. As well as the body, the face is an area of focus during these sessions and many clients have noticed a reduction in puffiness, redness and worry lines. You may feel like having a nap or an early night after your session, but be prepared to feel refreshed and revitalised the next morning. These sessions are in-person only. 

Adrenal Reset

Are you feeling tired all the time but can't sleep? Is it effecting your performance at work, sapping your creativity and making you moody? Adrenal glands control the release of stress hormones and if you've been under stress for a prolonged period, its likely that your adrenals have forgotten how to turn off. 'On' has become their new default setting.

Resetting your adrenal rhythm takes between one and three sessions, depending on how long your adrenal rhythm has been out of kilter. Ideally these sessions should be spaced a week apart to allow your body to adjust. People whose adrenals have been over burdened for prolonged periods typically experience two or three days of extreme tiredness, after which they feel a noticeable increase in their energy levels. Once your body has fully recalibrated, you may notice your quality of sleep improve, your moods even out and your energy levels increase. Some of the other benefits to this treatment may include: improved cell regeneration and decreased ageing.  A regular Biofield Tuning session is recommended before an adrenal reset to better assist your body's ability to integrate change and recalibrate. Adrenal sessions can be done in-person or from a distance.

Sonic Scar Therapy

Outwardly scars may give the appearance that the body has healed itself, but deep scars can form a barrier between severed fascia (our electrical wiring) creating a short circuit in the system. To get energy circulating again, I bridge the gap with frequency and with repeated treatment, new electrical pathways are created and the scar tissue is no longer a dead end. Once your energy is flowing freely again you can raise your voltage (the amount of energy in your system) and enjoy an increase in your overall energy levels and a stronger immunity against pathogens. Like me, you may notice after several treatments that exercise becomes energising rather than draining, making weight loss easier. These sessions are in-person.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is an incredibly effective way to quickly neutralise unwanted emotions and bring about a sense of calm. Our subconscious mind is 95% of our cognitive activity, the other 5% is our conscious mind. By tapping on the meridian points of the body we can tap into our subconscious and change negative programming, self- sabotaging behaviour addictions, phobias and bad habits. These session can be in person or  from a distance.

Relationship Session

Harmony is the key to any good relationship. These sessions can be between any two people or animals, or between you and anything, e.g., your finances or your body image. The other person does not need to be present, but their permission is required first before work on their energy field can begin. If they don't grant their permission, your session will be focused on tuning your thoughts and emotions towards that person. By defusing your own emotional charge, your normal triggers can decrease and you'll be better able to sustain calmness, which in turn benefits your relationship to them and everyone around you. These sessions can be done in-person or from a distance.

Heart/Brain Coherence

Connecting with our heart's intuition, wisdom and guidance from a place of stillness, can advance our capacity to take charge of our lives. Here are some of the many benefits to getting your brain and heart working as a team:

  • Lower stress levels

  • Balanced nervous system and hormones

  • Increased resilience

  • Improves immunity and physical health

  • Enhanced physical performance, coordination and reaction times

  • Improved mental health

  • Mental clarity, focus, learning and recall, problem solving, strategic thinking and conflict resolution

  • Enhanced intuition and ability to foresee outcomes

  • Increased empathy

These sessions can be done in person or from a distance.


Past Life & Ancestral Trauma

When trauma is not processed in a past life it can come through our energy field into the next life and cause mystery illnesses, unexplained phobias and self-sabotaging behaviours. Clearing this trauma can reveal interesting things about our past lives that we recognise and are relevant to our current incarnation. Ancestral trauma can also be inherited via our energy field and its scientific name is morphogenesis. Clearing ancestral trauma can free you and your future generations from non-beneficial patterns of behaviour, beliefs, attitudes and even illnesses. During soul sessions many clients connect with their ancestors, spirit guides and hear their loving words of advice. These sessions can be done in-person or from a distance. 

Soul Rescue

Soul rescue involves identifying symptoms of soul fragmentation, heart walls and heart shields, multiple soul disorders and bringing about wholeness through multiple healing techniques. Fragmentation of the soul can feel like an aspect of you has gotten lost or stuck in the past after a period of extreme stress, illness, accident, grief, abuse, neglect or trauma. You may feel that part of you is stuck at the age at which the trauma occurred. In many Shamanistic traditions, certain illnesses are a sign of soul fragmentation, thus in order to heal, one must call one's soul fragment back.

Tragedy, trauma and heartbreak can be the catalyst for the creation of energetic defences such as heart walls and heart shields. These defences serve the purpose of keeping us safe when we feel most vulnerable, but they're not a healthy long-term strategy and can prevent us from living a fulfilling life. Heart walls and heart shields can become like a prison and keep us from feeling joy, love, pleasure and prevent us from appreciating the beauty and wonder of nature. My healing techniques can dismantle these defences and free you to live your life to the full. These sessions can be done in-person or from a distance.

Multiple Soul Therapy

Multiple soul therapy is a branch of soul rescue which focuses on addressing multiple soul issues.

Multiple souls also known as soul dualism, is an accepted belief in the doctrine of many ancient traditions and contemporary cultures around the world. Soul dualism proposes that a person can be born with more than one soul and that souls can exit and enter the body at different stages, for a range of reasons. When multiple souls co-exist in harmony and work together towards a common goal, they can benefit a person by giving them a wider range of abilities, ways of thinking and a deeper understanding of the complexities of life. But when multiple souls conflict over leadership and have separate agendas, it can cause tension and chaos within a person. I have helped many people with multiple soul disorders find answers, reassurance and peace.

Do you have more than one soul? To find out what some of the signs are, pop over to the Research section of my About page anc click on the soul survey link. 

Spiritual Activations

Spiritual activations can be a powerful way to help you discover your gifts and realign your physical life to your spiritual path, so that you can find your true purpose and achieve your soul tasks. In other words spiritual activations can help you level up, so if you’re thirsty for adventure and you’re ready to get out of your comfort zone and experience some accelerated personal growth… then this is for you. Please note: spiritual activations are not appropriate for those who are not already physically healthy. 

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