Vanessa Wood

Transformation has been the prevailing theme of my life. It has woven its design through my careers, scribed its signature on my past health crisis and left its familiar impression on my relationships. So it is no surprise that Transformation has imbued the next phase of my journey with its essence also. 

Working as a photographer and digital artist, I often witnessed my clients undergoing dramatic transformations. In many cases a change in appearance triggered a shift in consciousness, out of which evolved a complete life overhaul. This phenomenon, which I call Transformation Therapy, and my own healing journey got me interested in energy healing and while deep in my research, I realised it was my missing puzzle piece and my reason for being.


I was particularly drawn to a healing modality called Biofield Tuning, which uses frequency and vibration to heal both our physical and our energetic bodies. The Biofield Tuning training I received answered so many of my questions and enabled me to view my own energy sensitivity and empathic traits, not as a handicap, but as useful talents which can be developed and utilised to help others. 


Now my ability to help my clients transform has grown far beyond surface level. I specialise in being able to detect, translate and transmute the energetic root causes of ill health and I get great satisfaction from seeing my clients feeling healthier, happier and more empowered. 

Biofield Tuning Foundations Certificate
Biofield Tuning Practitioner Certificate
Graduated from Unitec with a Bachelor's Degree in Performing and Screen Arts (BPSA) 

Biofield Tuning

Energy 101


Everything is energy. We now have the technology to look at really small stuff and that’s when scientists realised that matter makes up less than 1% of everything. Energy can be described as information that’s vibrating. This means everything in the universe is making sound, which incidentally is how the ancients described the world in sacred texts over 2000 years ago. Vibrational energy therapy been practiced as a healing modality in various forms around the world for many centuries. It would seem that modern science is only just catching up to ancient knowledge. 



What’s A Biofield?


Every living thing has its own energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates it, animating, informing and protecting it, like the way the ionosphere serves the Earth. Because energy precedes matter, it’s also the blueprint for the body. It's the template that your physiology references for DNA production and cell renewal, so it’s vitally important to your quality of life.


This energy field was given the name ‘biofield’ in 1994 by a panel of scientists at the National Institute of Health. Short for ‘biological electromagnetic field’, the biofield is composed of both measurable electromagnetic energy and subtle energy or ‘bio-plasma,' which is a diffuse magnetic fluid network. 

As we go through life the vibrational information of our memories, emotions and traumas gets stored in the biofield from the outer edge inwards. So what’s close to our body has recently been generated and what’s about 5-6 feet away is our gestation and birth. Similar to how music is produced when a needle is placed into the grooves of an album, a tuning fork can tell a trained tuner the story of a person's life. Specific emotions make different sounds. For example, fear has a pulsing quality, alarm has a sharp quality, depression has an accented undertone and sadness sound like sad music. If you have ever gotten good or bad vibes from someone, you have received information coming from that person’s biofield.


Using Biofield Tuning To Treat Illnesses


Most illnesses have their root in unprocessed or undigested emotion. Emotions have chemical mass and need to express themselves in sounds and vibrations, so if you don’t express your emotions in a healthy way (e.g. weird noises and shaking), they will express themselves in an unhealthy way. But our modern lifestyles don’t always allow us to express ourselves freely and many people are forced to bottle things up. Sadly, being stressed out and anxious has become the new normal, but remaining in this state for long periods is unsustainable, depleting and ultimately has serious consequences to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.


Biofield tuning gives us a much better alternative to numbing our pain or distracting ourselves from our suffering and therefore becoming more detached from our bodies. During a session tuners use the forks and their intuition to find where emotions have been stored and liberate them, then recycle the released energy back into the system. It is not uncommon for clients to feel lighter and brighter after such a session.  


Toxins, scars and injuries can also cause energy to become stagnant or blocked and a tuner is able to locate and clear these so toxins can be metabolised out of the body. Achieving energetic flow is also important because it enables us to make the most of our bodies and minds. We are most powerful when our energy is flowing freely through our entire system.



Distance sessions


A very famous physics experiment called ‘the double slit’ that observes the behaviour of subatomic particles reveals that our consciousness influences our physical reality. More recently, science has discovered that energy precedes physical matter (or what we perceive to be matter) which implies that we have the opportunity to influence the reality before it becomes manifest.


“Frequency + Intent = Healing” - Jonathan Goldman, Director of the Sound Healers Association.


There is an overwhelming number of gold-standard scientific trials which have shown that energy healing works no matter the distance between giver and receiver. Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance," but now it's more commonly referred to as Universal Field Theory. This theory states that everything in the Universe is connected and that space is not empty at all, but instead it's a luminous ocean of plasma, called aether, that information travels through.) Aether was part of our cosmology until it was taken out of scientific text books, about the same time they took out Tesla and his knowledge of how to wirelessly transmit electricity. 


I was skeptical about distance sessions as first, but it only took doing one distance session to change my mind, after which I realised just how connected we all are and how effectively they work. I was amazed that my client could feel which area of her body I was working on even though she was in a different country. I have now done many distance sessions for clients around the world and every one of my clients has reported positive outcomes.