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My Journey

Transformation has been the theme song of my life. It’s woven its melody through my careers as a fashion designer, filmmaker and photographer, my multiple health crises, healing and my conscious awakening. My healing and rebirth was traumatic and disorientating, but looking back, it was necessary for me to become the person I am now.

When I got the calling to pursue Biofield Tuning I was really surprised, up until then I'd been working as a photographer and devoted myself to working with light. I had little knowledge of sound as a transformative tool. Now I realise it was my missing puzzle piece. Sound and light have a very special partnership - all of life is transformed by their frequencies.

One of the biggest changes for me has been stepping out from behind the camera and into the spotlight. All my life I had hidden my energy sensitivity and empathic traits from the world because they made me feel like an outsider. Although I tried my best to fit in, I never felt truly comfortable until I discovered my traits had a name and there were others out there like me.

'​Energy synesthesia' is the ability to experience subtle energy through your sensory system. Most people have experienced getting a good or bad vibe from someone, but a synesthete often receives a lot more detailed information, for example: images, sounds, smells and tastes. Now that I’ve learned to use my energy sensitivity to help people, I have a very different perspective of it and actively develop it.

​Being an energy therapist is a bit like being a detective, code breaker and interpreter. I do this by tuning into subtle energies and listening to the bio-feedback my tuning forks give me when I bounce sound off someone, then interpret those codes, which are like clues, to figure out what's going on and what needs to happen. By using my sensitivity, coherent frequency and healing intention, I'm able to detect and transform the distortion in the client’s energy field created by unprocessed emotions and trauma. When that stuck energy is released, harmonised and restored back into their system, clients often leave with an increase in vitality, a sense of release, relief and clarity, and a feeling of being lighter and brighter and more positive.

​I invite you to try energy therapy for yourself. I have clients from all around the world and most tell me the effects of their distance sessions can be felt immediately, no mater which time zone they're in. Let me know if your time zone clashes with my regular appointment schedule and I'll work something out that suits us both. in-person sessions are also available for those in the West Auckland region of New Zealand where I live.


My Philosophy

To me the Universe is a vast ocean of conscious living energy which connects us all. When we learn how to still ourselves and really deeply sense, we discover that we can connect with this intelligent Source energy and tap into Universal consciousness for guidance and healing. To me, connecting with Source is sacred work and something to be conducted with dignity and respect. Therefore, creating sacred space in which to hold a safe and nurturing space for my clients is fundamental.

My Process

During the years that I have been a practitioner, my process has had to evolve rather rapidly to keep up with my ever increasing energy sensitivity levels, knowledge and experience, as well my research. I've found it necessary to offer my clients a separate initial reading and consultation appointment so that we have more time to get to know one another and identify which healing strategy will work best for them before making any energetic adjustments.


What the vast majority of clients find is that their initial reading and consultation is healing in itself because it touches on aspects of their lives that have been repressed, numbed or ignored and are just below the surface waiting to be healed. Through their talking (and often tears) clients may find beautiful release and relief, and by the end of their consultation they feel seen, heard and understood, which gives them a sense of being lighter and more positive.

My work with clients is a collaboration and a team effort, which means clients are expected to participate in their sessions by being as fully present as they can be, regardless of whether they are a distance or 1-on-1 client. This is so they can witness to any biofeedback, energy shifts and changes in perspective, which is an important part of their transformation and integration process.

My process with distance sessions is very similar to 1-On-1 sessions, but because I have no control over their environment, distance clients need to make sure they understand what the optimal conditions are, so they can have the best  experience and outcomes possible. I do my best to inform all my clients about how best to achieve optimal conditions during their consultation. I have also written a blog post about it, which you can find on my Resources page.

For practical, as well as safety reasons, before each session I do my best to ensure that conditions are optimal before proceeding. But despite our best efforts to be prepared, sometimes Life throws us curve balls and we have to be prepared to pivot. If conditions are not optimal for a session I will let the client know so they can make an informed decision about whether or not to proceed. If there is a safety issue, I will not proceed until it is remedied, even if that requires cancelling the session. 

So that I can be sure I have their informed consent and they've read and understood my terms and conditions of service, all new clients must fill out a consent and disclaimer form before their first adjustment session. 

Please see the Ts & Cs page for more information.

My Research
Wide shot V in sprial temple.jpg

My Research

When I'm not being a healing facilitator, I like to spend my time researching and travelling. I'm particularly interested in studying consciousness and how it influences our health and wellbeing. Occasionally I publish my findings in my blog which you can read about by clicking the button below.

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Sacred Journeys

I am blessed to live in New Zealand which has plenty of beautiful scenery and sacred sites to appreciate and explore. Most sacred sites are located on Earth energy lines or vortexes, which is where the planet's chakras or meridians surface. Positive interactions with these very special sites has a healing effect on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing, and I believe they positively affect Mother Earth and our relationship with her as well.


Soul Work

Did you know that some people have more than one soul? When you consider that a physical body can multiply in the womb during gestation and become twins, triplets or even more, it's not that surprising. Many cultures around the world believe in soul dualism and many of those cultures revere those who's with multiple souls. That's because people with multiple souls often possess a wider skill set and life perspective than others and are viewed as wise ones. When multiple souls are not in balance they can create what I call soul issues, which can include mood swings, confusion, depression, perhaps even Dissociative Identity Disorder (formally called Multiple Personality Disorder) and Schizophrenia. 


To assist my research and enhance my services I've designed a Soul Survey which I hope you will find informative. I truely believe that our spiritual wellbeing is just as important as our physical and mental wellbeing and that understanding more about our soul(s) will lead to positive changes in the way we treat ourselves and others. It’s my hope that my research and therapy work will benefit those who are struggling with soul issues. Thanks in advance for participating!

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