Vanessa Wood BPSA

Transformation has been the prevailing theme of my life. It has woven its design through my careers, scribed its signature on my past health crisis and left its familiar impression on my relationships. So it is no surprise that Transformation has imbued the next phase of my journey with its essence also. 

Working as a photographer and digital artist, I often witnessed my clients undergoing dramatic transformations. In many cases a change in appearance triggered a shift in consciousness, out of which evolved a complete life overhaul. This phenomenon, and my own healing journey, was what got me interested in energy healing and while deep in my research, I realised it was the missing piece to my puzzle.


I was particularly drawn to a healing modality called Biofield Tuning, which uses sound vibration to heal our light bodies. The Biofield Tuning Foundations course I attended was a huge turning point, because it answered so many of my questions and enabled me to view my own energy sensitivity and empathic traits, not as a handicap, but as useful talents. 


Photography and digital art are still my passion, but my ability to help my clients has grown far beyond surface level. I specialise in being able to navigate the landscape of a person's bio-magnetic, or energy field and can detect, translate and transmute the energy I find there. When discordant frequencies are harmonised, clients feel healthier, happier and more empowered.



Completed Biofield Tuning Foundations Course.


Graduated from Unitec with a Bachelor's Degree in Performing and Screen Arts (BPSA.) 

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Biofield Tuning

The word Biofield was coined in 1994 by a panel of scientists at the National Institute of Health to more scientifically describe the aura. Biofield is short for bio-magnetic field and it is the field of energy and information that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body. The biofield is composed of both measurable electromagnetic energy and subtle energy, also called Prana or Chi. Another word for this energy is 'bioplasma', which is a diffuse magnetic fluid that surrounds all living beings. Like a fluid, it can be of varying viscosities and densities.


We have been taught to view ourselves in terms chemistry and mechanics, but we are also electrical and acustic. Everything in our body is in motion, everything in motion makes waves, and waves propagate. If you have ever gotten good or bad vibes from someone, you have received information coming from that person’s biofield.


Mapping the Biofield

During her 23 years of bouncing sound of humans with tuning forks, Eileen McKusick (the author of 'Tuning the Human Biofield') discovered that as we go through life we generate vibrational information, which gets laid down in what seems to be standing waves in the field around our bodies. So what’s close to our body has been recently generated and what’s out at the edge of our field (about 5- 6 feet away) is our gestation and birth. Similar to how a tree produces rings in its trunk that corresponds to its age and events in its life. 


Eileen has discovered that things like injuries and traumas show up as chaos and resistence in the signal. Specific emotions make different sounds. For example, fear has a pulsing quality, alarm has a sharp quality, depression has an acented undertone and sadness sound like sad music. Reading somone’s field is a bit like dropping a needle on an album and reading the record of our life.

After treating thousands of clients, Eileen observed reoccuing patterns which indicted that we store our memories and emotions in specific areas of the biofield. She collated her observations and created a map of the field for her students to use as a guide when treating their clients. 
Using Biofield Tuning to treat illnesses

Eileen found she was able to influence the tonal expression of the body, just like a musician tuning an instrument. The body will self-tune when given a coherent input. What happens is when we comb through the field with the forks, the body notices when and where it’s out of tune and it will spontaneously begin to relax, to release patterns of tension and whatever is going on physically can resolve. The tension in our electromagnetic system, underlies the physical body. It's the template that your physiology references in cell renewal and patterns of flow. The information also informs the tuner, who can feel the tension in their body.


Most illnessess have their root in unprocessed or undigested emotion. Emotions need to express themselves, so if you don’t express your emotions in a healthy way, they will express themselves in an unhealthy way. Stress is an emotional response to imput. That is a pattern of chaos in the field that is creating chaos in the blueprint and the body cant function because there is too much noise in the signal. Tuners can clear up the noise in the signal and help people to manage their emtions better and their symptoms clear up. Harmony implies order so healthy systems are well synchronised

Distance sessions

Eileen found she was has been able to do her sound therapy with clients over long distances and she believes that has to do with what she calls the 5th state of matter called aether (the luminous ocean that lightwaves travel through.) Aether was part of our cosmology until it was taken out of scientific text books, the same time they took out Tesla. Eileen believes that a medium such as aether, which is underlying all things, solves the problem of “spooky action at a distance” as Einstein called it.

I was skeptical about distance sessions as first, but it only took doing one distance session to change my mind, after which I realised just how connected we all are and how effectively they work. I was amazed that my client could feel which area of her body I was working on even though she was in a different country. I have now done many distance sessions for clients around the world and every one of my clients has reported positive outcomes. 

Sound shapes our future

Vibrational sound therapy is an ancient healing modality that has been practiced in various forms around the world for centuries. Thanks to the breakthroughs of modern science and technology, the field of vibrational medicine has been given a lot more attention and new research is pointing towards sound leading the way to a future where prevention, not the development of more drugs, is the focus of our health resources.