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My Practitioner Training Experiences In Sydney

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Toni teaching the practitioner students.

With the multitude of amazing things that happened during my trip to Sydney, I could have easily written a book, but there was only so much I could fit in my blog. Instead I have opted to mention only a few of the highlights...

Twelve very different students from all over Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines had gathered in Sydney to take our exploration of the effects of frequency on the human body to the next level. We were all wide-eyed and eager to jump in, but none of us had any idea of where exactly this expedition into the aether would take us. As we were to discover, the more vulnerable we allowed ourselves to be, the more we trusted each other, the deeper we were able to dive through layers of consciousness and we were all surprised by what we found there.

What first struck me about Sydney, apart from the thick bush fire smoke that shrouded the city in a dirty grey blanket and turned the sun an eerie blood-red, was that it had attracted a wonderful melting pot of cultures to it’s shores. Everywhere I went I heard the sound of different languages being spoken. It was fascinating and it reminded me that my mission here was to learn the language we all share in common - frequency.

My accomodation was in an historic guest house in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs and down the hall from the where the practitioner training workshops were being held. Built in the colonial style around a courtyard, the large house had a rustic charm and the modesty of my room was a reminder that I was here on a pilgrimage.

'The Centre' B&B & Conference Centre in Randwick.


Still in sync with New Zealand time, I woke at 5:30am. But I wasn’t the only early riser. Moments after I awoke I heard the unsettling sound of tortured plumbing emanating from behind the thin walls of my room where my next door neighbour was showering in the shared bathroom. Unable to go back to sleep, I filled in the time before class with reading and core exercises. This became my routine every morning of my 6 day stay.

Our tutor Toni Cross and her helper David Hartmann warmly welcomed us to practitioner training. Toni had been my foundations training tutor in March this year and it was because of her wonderful teaching style, depth of experience and breadth of knowledge that I decided to attend this Sydney workshop. She started us out with the seated chair session, which was specifically designed for occasions when the use of a massage table is not appropriate. Seated sessions are especially good for eliminating tension in the neck and shoulder area and the beauty of them is that you feel the benefits immediately.

The person I was paired with to practice on had been suffering from a head cold and my forks located a thick fog in her field at the back of her head or 3rd Eye Chakra. I’ve heard this area be referred to as the ‘mail slot’ because it is where we receive insightful info. (I like to think of it a my main antenna.) My partner mentioned that her cold had diminished her reception, but that she had already begun to feel clearer after her session. As the day unfolded I observed the return of her insight, which made me smile.

Next, it was my turn to receive. To my surprise, time and space did an odd little dance and I allowed frequency to transport me to an altered state in which I felt both inside and outside my body at the same time. I briefly became hyper-aware of everything that was going on in that busy room. Normally in a noisy environment I have difficulty distinguishing anything, but for a few glorious moments I could hear and understand with sharp clarity every one of the many conversations and activities going on all at once.

Toni rang her bell to get everyone’s attention and I was snapped back to normality. After that, all my senses seemed to be heighten and I could feel energy pushing and pulling inside and out. When my partner’s weighted fork came in close proximity to my skin, I could feel an orb of energy around it, which tickled with a static charge that made my hairs bristle with excitement. Woo-hoo! What a way to start the training!

Toni invited local BT practitioner, Peter Bajic, to demonstrate a DISTANCE SESSION and a friend of Peter’s had volunteered to be his client. Peter placed beautifully engraved coloured stones on the massage table to represent her chakras. He also set up his mobile phone so we could all communicate with her. Peter asked us to contribute any insights or intuition we received throughout the session, which was an amazing experience to be part of for a multitude of reasons, but there are two in particular I want to share with you.

First, while Peter was using his pendulum to assess which of her chakras needed balancing, I noticed the green heart chakra stone expanding and contracting. It also seemed to be flashing brighter at me. I got the sense that not just her heart, but her lungs also needed attention. The client confirmed that she indeed had suffered from asthma and bronchitis.

For me the biggest highlight of this session was when Peter’s activated fork hit the 30 year mark in her timeline off the right knee. That’s when everyone in the room suddenly felt the temperature rise. Others also felt discomfort or nausea. To me it was like a bomb went off in slow motion. I saw the air ripple outwards from his fork like that scene in ‘The Matrix’ when Neo dodges bullets. Then the ripples hit me like a shock wave and knocked the air out of my lungs. I looked at Peter in utter surprise and gasped “I felt that!” He had too. Then I felt intense energy in my arms, like I was being grabbed. I felt sick. We let the client know what we were all feeling and she confirmed that she had been the victim of sexual assault at age 30.

After a lot of releasing and clearing everyone felt a heck of a lot better, and more importantly, the client. During the de-brief we realised that because we had been brave enough to share our insights with each other, without fear of looking foolish, our connection with the client and to each other had been stronger. We had bonded as a tribe on day one. It was a wonderful feeling.

The flight over from New Zealand and the unexpected intensity of the day left me craving some extra grounding. Fortunately, my friend John had a car and he took a couple of us to nearby Coogee beach to chill for a while. We tested the water, dug our feet in the warm sand and watched the world go by. Our weary bodies relaxed as John played his blue didgeridoo. It was bliss.

Aussie as.


Today we learned more about the sonic meridian flush, an effective technique to stimulate energy, blood and lymph flow. Part of this treatment is testing how far along the limbs the client can feel their energy flowing and for the first time I could actually see where the energy was traveling to in my client’s body without them telling me. When asked, their answer would confirm what I saw. This new ability to see energy was very unexpected, but gratefully received and has proven to be tremendously useful.

Next up was RELATIONSHIP SESSIONS, which can be done with two people (or animals), either in person or at a distance. You can also tune your relationship to a thing, for example: your finances. Having personally witnessing the immediate results of these sessions, I can say with confidence that they are effective.

We had the pleasure of an extra BT student’s company at our dinner table that night. Cath, who had read my blog about self-tuning and asked some great questions regarding my use of a pendulum to measure Chi, talked about the thesis she was writing, which her questions tied into. Because of our obvious shared passion for energy therapy, no one minded talking shop all night.


One of the many things we learned in class today was how to improve skin elasticity and electrical flow around and through scar tissue. As soon as I started practicing SCAR TREATMENT back in my room on my caesarian scar, I noticed my morning core workouts were less of a struggle and I could exercise with higher intensity for longer, which has helped speed up the process of losing my ‘winter insulation’ layer.

Once class had ended I had my turn doing a biofield tuning session so Toni could observe me. I was a wee bit nervous at first, but once I had gone into ‘hollow bone’ mode, I soon forgot she was there. To start with, I measured my client’s Chi with my pendulum and it was a healthy 50%, which was great considering. While adjusting her Earth Star I found an odd artefact around her ankles. It was like a rubber band, which cleared while we talked about things that might be impeding her progress.

While I was columning her right foot, I saw a groovy green orb around my fork, which made me blink several times, because I thought I was seeing things. To me it seemed as if my client had been given the green light to move forward with her life.

(The next morning, I was filling in time before class as usual, when I came across a passage in the book I was reading called ‘Energy Medicine’ by Donna Eden, in which she explains the significance of seeing green. Being in the middle of the colour spectrum, green indicates a chakra is coming into balance. Finding Donna’s reference so soon after I had witnessed the green orb was very satisfying.)

My client also had a construct, called a heart shield, over her heart chakra, which she was eager for me to remove. It was the heaviest heart shield I had ever encountered and it gave me the shakes trying to lift it with one hand. I needed both hands on my fork and the moment the heart shield lifted off, I felt a sudden rush of trapped grief escaping from under it, as if it had been stored under pressure. At age 14 my client had lost her mother and wasn’t able to process her grief. It was a beautiful moment of release. At the end of the session my client gave me a wonderfully heart-felt hug. With her heart shield gone she now felt lighter. Her post-session Chi reading was an astonishing 90%. This was the highest amount of Chi any client of mine had ever achieved. We celebrated with a high five.

Weighted forks and crystal power combined = awesome.


Today I was paired with the most colourful of characters in our group. You would be forgiven for thinking his parents were a Viking Shield Maiden and a High Druid. An impressive muscular build, height and stoic expression gave him a warrior-like presence. His wizard’s goatee, cascading braids and box full of Shaman’s paraphernalia added to this a mythical quality which had me intrigued. Even his name, Bogdan Kalenjuk, has a magical sound. I admit I found him quite intimidating at first, but his energy was so calm and pleasant to be around, I soon relaxed.

Ironically, his task was to practice balancing the heart organ - our emotional HQ. I chose this organ to work on because I had suffered a stress-induced heart attack six years prior and was curious what this session would reveal about its welfare. Having done a lot of work myself on becoming more emotionally balanced, I wasn’t expecting him to find anything significant. Was I in for a surprise!

The session was drawing to a close and Bogdan was doing a technique called ‘dropping in’, but it wasn’t having much effect with the 174Hz fork. In this instance it would be normal protocol to repeat with the 528Hz fork, but my intuition said “use a weighted fork instead.” Being an open-minded chappy, he was happy to oblige my request. I adjusted the angle of his approach with the fork so it was pointing down directly over the centre of my chest and BOOM! I only had time to utter the words “that’s so powerful” before I had the wind knocked out of me with an energy wave. In an instant I was transported back to August 2013, the day I had the heart attack. The emotions of grief, shock and panic came flooding back just as raw and powerful as they had been all those years ago.

As I came back to the Now, I found myself sobbing and gasping. I looked up to see Bogdan’s face hovering over mine. His expression read: “Oh, my God, I’ve broken her!” The man looked clearly traumatised. The session finished and I needed help walking because my legs were jelly.

Outside, with my bare feet on the ground, I began to feel better and process what just happened. I reassured poor Bogdan that I would be alright and realised I needed to take back what I said in a previous blog about nothing surprising me about Biofield Tuning anymore. Did this mean I was levelling up? If so, I was ready for it! But first I needed to lie down…Such is the power of frequency!

Bogdan's got rhythm.

Later that day I was still struggling to make sense of why I had such an overwhelmingly emotional flash-back during my heart session, but the answer came to me while Toni taught the class about our organs. In Chinese Energy Therapy the heart is the Emperor of all the other organs, and that the Emperor is Us, not the brain.

In ancient times the Chinese believed that an Emperor could be chosen from among ordinary men and women, not just those of noble birth, because of ‘Tien-ming’, a heavenly mandate, which made that person the best candidate for the job.

This was quite an ‘ah-ha’ moment for me because it connected the dots to something Caroline Myss had taught me. By following the instructions in her book ‘Sacred Contracts’ I had identified my twelve leading archetypes and discovered that ruling over my house of Highest Potential was ‘The Wounded Healer.’ Caroline explains that this archetype is not born that way, but destined to suffer a sacred wound that would transform the bearer into a healer. I suddenly realised the purpose of the flashback: it was my Emperor’s way of showing me my heart attack wasn’t a tragedy at all, it was turning point which set me on the right path towards fulfilment of my heavenly mandate.

(Uncomfortable with the term ‘healer’, I prefer to call myself a ‘facilitator of healing’, because to me ‘healer’ implies having special magical powers you use on someone who is powerless to heal themselves. I believe we ALL have the ability to heal ourselves, but now my job is to show people how.)

By day’s end I was still feeling a bit spacey, so I wobbled back to my room and went to bed early. Time travel is exhausting!


I slept like a baby and by morning I had recovered and was able to do my exercise and stretch routine, which raised my voltage. If today was going to be anything like yesterday, I would need the extra energy! But it wasn’t like that at all and the day seemed to fly by. We all yearned to be home with our loved ones, but the depth and magnitude of our experiences during the workshop had forged strong bonds between us, which made those final practice sessions together all the more special and our goodbyes bitter-sweet.


At 5am I woke up feeling alert and really great, which is very unusual for someone who is not a morning person. Leading up to my trip I’d been anxious about travelling home alone, but today I was strangely and wonderfully mellow. Everything just felt in sync and effortless. Standing in the long queue at the chaotic customs kiosk with dramas unfolding left and right, I was just an observer, wrapped in a bubble of calmness and gratitude. That feeling of tranquility has remained with me and has replaced the charge my normal triggers would ignite.

As I lay starfish-style on the lush green hillside of my home in Auckland, soaking up the fresh air and late afternoon sunshine, I felt transformed. An excitement about what was to come next in this new chapter swelled inside my heart and I vowed to honour the experiences and teachings I had received on this incredible journey.

To find out more about Biofield Tuning courses available in Australia and New Zealand visit:

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