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Pre-Paid Plans

Plan For Success

Plans are designed save you money when you pre-pay for multiple energy therapy sessions, dowsing classes or private dowsing tutorials. There's a plan for every budget and a choice of ways to pay including: credit card, PayPal and Afterpay, which allows you to make interest-free instalments over a longer period. Cash and bank transfer are only available by prior arrangement.  

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Other Plan Benefits
  • All plans come with an online membership, which allows you to set up a membership profile accessible by logging into the membership icon

  • Membership makes your life easier by allowing you to manage your own appointments

  • For added convenience, you can also download the mobile app and manage your appointments on the go

Plans For Sessions

Most people require a series of regular energy therapy sessions to clear their backlog of stuck energy and transform non-beneficial patterns into beneficial ones, so if you're on a mission to get back into the flow of life, consider purchasing a Pre-Paid Plan.

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Session Plan Benefits
  • Purchasing multiple sessions with a pre-paid plan allows you accelerate your healing and whole-ing journey

  • A series of weekly sessions enables you to overcome the initial inertia experienced by most people when starting out with energy therapy

  • Once the momentum builds, so does your energy levels, enthusiasm and resilience you require to reach your goals

  • My 'before' and 'after' readings allow you track your progress over a series of sessions

  • A regular series of session helps you reconnect you with your body, which is your best friend and ally

  • A regular series of sessions also helps you to build trust and rapport with me, which enables me to better assist you on your journey


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