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Vanessa Wood

Hello and welcome. 

Having healed myself from multiple health crises in the past, I became passionate about learning more about energy therapy and the role consciousness plays in our health and wellbeing. Until then, I didn't really know what to do with my energy sensitivity and empathic traits. But now that I'm a fully qualified Biofield Tuning practitioner, I combine all my abilities, experience and knowledge to teach others how to heal themselves. I help people get unstuck, restoring ease and flow to their lives so they can move forward and flourish.




Are you looking for a drug-free way to beat fatigue, stress, depression, anxiety, aches and mood swings? Biofield Tuning uses coherent frequencies to address the root cause of illness and restore harmony and balance. 



Receive all the many benefits of a one hour 1-on-1 Biofield Tuning session in the comfort of your own home. The cool thing about energy is that you can work with it remotely just as effectively as you can in person. 

Are you feeling tired all the time but can't sleep? A adrenal rhythm reset can improve your sleep and your energy levels by reducing your output of stress hormones. This can also improve cell regeneration and slow the ageing process. 



Deeply relax while energy blockages are cleared and ease and flow are gently restored to your energy and circulatory systems. It's detoxifying for your blood and lymph and can improve your skin's appearance. 



Harmony is the key to any good relationship. These sessions can be between any two people or animals, or between you and anything, e.g., your finances, even your own body image.

Sonic Scar Therapy

Deep scars can form a barrier in our fascia (our electrical wiring) causing a short circuit. By bridging the gap with frequency, new energy pathways can be created to boost our body's voltage.


Biofield Tuning

Our visible world is shaped by unseen forces and sometimes we're not aware of them until we notice their effects on our bodies and minds. The great news is that we don't have to wait until symptoms of illness appear before taking action. Biofield Tuning is a gentle and non-invasive energy therapy that you can receive in person lying comfortably on a massage table or seated in a chair or even from a distance, wherever you are in the world. Effects can be felt simultaneously, regardless of which timezone you are in. 


Rebecca Gilman

“I did two Biofield Tuning session with Vanessa and wow, what an experience! Vanessa is kind, sensitive, empathic and very intuitive. Her abilities are undeniable and I left with a noticeable increase in energy and shifts in perception. Not only did she help in my healing journey, but she did so in such a unique way, which created a beautiful atmosphere of love an release. She uncovered moments on my life which had trapped my energy, and helped me release them. I will always be grateful for this and would recommend this experience to everyone. Biofield Tuning is a powerful technology that everyone can benefit from.




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