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Vanessa Wood

Hello and welcome. My name is Vanessa and I'm an energy therapist, dowser, teacher and researcher who studies the effects of frequency and consciousness on our health and wellbeing. By combining my many personal experiences, broad knowledge, intuitive abilities and a range of healing techniques, I help people get unstuck, restoring ease and flow to their lives so they can move forward and flourish. Together, over a course of sessions, each one individualised to your needs, we can create a sustainable, healthier, more vital, vibrant and whole YOU.


Have you lost your sparkle?

Is a lack of connectedness, meaning or purpose preventing you from living a more satisfying life?

Do you want to improve your intuition and discernment so you can be more decisive and make better choices?


Would you like to identify and transform the hidden energetic roadblocks that are stopping you moving forward?

Then it's time to get flowing!

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You are so much more than just a collection of molecules, so I provide a range of services that addresses your Being holistically. Because energy connects us all, you can receive your energy therapy session either 1-On-1 (in person) or from a distance. I have clients all over the world who report sensing the effects of their session immediately, no matter which time zone they're in.  Your Reading & Consultation appointment will provide you with a snapshot of your energy systems, an explanation of what that means in terms of your health and wellbeing, and my recommendations for your healing and personal growth strategy, which may include a combination of modalities.

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Energy Therapy

Energy Therapy is designed to assess where a person's physical and subtle energies are blocked or in dissonance and correct the flow of energy in order to boost health and vitality.  Energy therapy has been shown to be effective for wide range of illnesses including:

  • Chronic pain and fatigue

  • Mood swings, anxiety and depression

  • Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

  • Addictions, phobias and self-destructive patterning

  • Birth, ancestral and past life trauma

Book An Appointment

Booking an appointment is easy. I'll walk you through the process step by step.

All new clients must book a Reading and Consultation first before booking a 1-On-1 or Distance Session.


Client Testimonials

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Rebecca Gilman

“I did two Biofield Tuning session with Vanessa and wow, what an experience! Vanessa is kind, sensitive, empathic and very intuitive. Her abilities are undeniable and I left with a noticeable increase in energy and shifts in perception. Not only did she help in my healing journey, but she did so in such a unique way, which created a beautiful atmosphere of love an release. She uncovered moments on my life which had trapped my energy, and helped me release them. I will always be grateful for this and would recommend this experience to everyone. Biofield Tuning is a powerful technology that everyone can benefit from.

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Dowsing Classes

Learn how to receive answers to your most pressing questions through dowsing, your direct connection with Source. Online and in-person group classes and private tutorials are now available for all levels. No previous experience necessary. Equipment is available for purchase from my studio and online store.


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If you’re curious about the invisible forces that shape our visible world, and you want to learn about how to utilise them to enhance your life at every level, then 'The Resonance Revolution' is the perfect podcast for you. Season one out now.

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