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Natural crystal pendulum for dowsing and the perfect tool for using with my dowsing chart book (sold separately). Of all the crystal pendulums I have tried, these have the best size, weight and chain length ratio, which makes it more user friendly.


The small bead at the other end of the chain allows you to have optimal grip. As an added bonus, these crystals can also be worn as jewellery when detached from the chain provided and attached to a necklace chain (not provided). 


There are 17 crystal types to choose from. Choose the colour, texture and pattern that resonates with you the most. If you can't choose between two, get them both and keep one for traveling and one for home. 



1. All crystals are unique, so crystal colours, textures and patterns may differ from the advertised image.

2. The photo often appears larger than the real product, so please refer to the product size.



Crystal length= 37mm

Chain length varies from 16 -18cm

Total length varies from  20 - 21.5cm



Cleanse by holding the crystal under cold or warm water for a few seconds and pat dry with a clean towel. Avoid getting the metal chain wet. Do not use detergents. Recharge your crystal in the sunlight, but avoid extreme temperatures to avoid damaging it. Choking hazard - keep away from small children.



Crystal Pendulum

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