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11 Ways Biofield Tuning Boosts Your Immunity

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Now that the whole world is focused on self-care, what better time to share important information about raising our immunity?

No doubt you’re already aware, COVID-19 is a new strain of the coronavirus family which has monopolised the media spotlight this year because of the high number of fatalities it’s caused. But did you know that 3-4 new human viruses are discovered EVERY YEAR? So why haven’t the other 2-3 new viruses made the news headlines? Most likely it’s because people’s immune systems are better able to fight those other new viruses off. Just imagine what would happen if they weren’t!

Why I’m telling you this is not because I want to raise anyone’s anxiety levels, but rather to encourage you appreciate your body and what it does for you and everybody else. I’m suggesting that in return we show our immune system some gratitude by giving it less work to do. I believe that with a little more conscious effort on everybody's behalf, we can help our immune systems fight off 100% of all pathogens, old and new.

In my health tool box, I have many methods of improving immunity, but I’m not aware of a single one that has as many benefits as Biofield Tuning.

For those of you who don't know, a biofield is short for biological electro-magnetic field and every living thing has one in and around it. It’s the blueprint your body follows for DNA production and cell renewal, so its energetic health is a direct reflection of your physical health. As we go through life, the vibrational information of our memories, emotions and traumas gets stored in our biofield, starting from the outside edge inwards, like the rings inside a tree trunk. When our emotions are not fully processed and metabolised, distortions in the biofield occur, disrupting our energetic blueprint. Without good working instructions, our body can’t function properly and our vitality and immunity suffers. Biofield Tuning repairs our blueprint by harnessing the power of frequency - the language of energy.

11 Ways Biofield Tuning Boosts Your Immunity.

1 By Promoting Cell Regeneration

If our cells can’t regenerate they die, which leaves our organs, and us, vulnerable to attack by pathogens. When our cells don't get enough voltage, they can’t metabolise oxygen, which is vital for keeping our body functioning properly, making new cells, and fighting off viruses and diseases. There are many ways we can raise our voltage, which I discuss in my previous blog post ‘Raising Your Voltage For A Healthier Mind & Body,' but by far one of the most efficient way I know is through a Biofield Tuning session.

As I mentioned earlier, we store our memories and emotions in our biofield and it appears that the denser/heavier the emotion, e.g., grief, anger, shame, etc., the more of our energy it takes out of us to store it there. A Biofield Tuning session can release and recycle these heavy emotions back into the system so the body can metabolise them and make better use of the energy they took away.

Before and after every session, I take a voltage reading for my clients so we can make a comparison, and I have consistently found their ‘after’ result is roughly double their ‘before’ result. I’ve also observed that for the majority, their ‘before’ voltage reading steadily increases with each session.

2 By Boosting Energy Levels

By raising our cell’s voltage we also increase our overall energy levels. When we feel more energised, the more likely we are to be more active. The more we exercise, the more we raise our voltage, and so on… it’s a very positive cycle. Being energised also motivates us to do outdoorsy things like gardening or going for a walk, bike-ride or swim. We all know that good, old-fashioned fresh air and sunshine are anti-bacterial and can help boost our immunity. My clients consistently report feeling lighter, brighter and more energised, even after just one Biofield Tuning session.

3 By Boosting Metabolism

Increased energy levels has the knock-on affect of improving our metabolism, a two-fold process: catabolism - the breakdown of molecules to obtain energy, and anabolism - synthesis of all compounds needed by the cells. By improving the efficiency of these two processes, our bodies are better able to defend us against invading pathogens.

4 By Supporting Our Micro-biome

Your gut, or micro biome, is the army that’s your best defence against pathogenic invaders, so once they’re happy and healthy, your body has a better chance of staying fighting fit. The Sacral Chakra governs the large and the small intestine, and as I have witnessed, even one Biofield Tuning session focused on this chakra can make a tremendous difference to the health of your gut.

5 By Releasing Trapped Toxins

Whenever tuning forks are activated near or on the body, the muscles underneath start to relax. That’s the power of frequency at work. When muscle tissue is clenched or in spasm for long periods, it can’t release toxic build up, which over time can weaken and even kill us.

6 By Increasing Circulation

Blood and lymph deliver vital nutrients to cells and eliminate toxins from the body. Without good circulation our blood and lymph stagnate, cells die, we go into toxic overload, and necrosis can occur which can result in organ failure.

Sound has a significant effect on liquids and since we are 60-70% liquid, it comes as no surprise that the wave front of vibrations makes those liquids move.

I have a specific therapy to boost circulation and energy called a Meridian Massage, which simulates blood, lymph and energy flow by relaxing muscle tissue and unblocking our energetic pathways, or meridians. I can always tell when a client’s circulation has been improved by the amount of times they need to pee afterwards!

7 By Improving Sleep Quality

The optimal amount of sleep for most adults is seven to eight hours of good sleep each night. Studies show that people who don't get quality sleep or enough sleep are more likely to get sick after being exposed to a virus. Lack of sleep can also affect how fast you recover if you do get sick. That’s because during sleep, your immune system releases proteins called cytokines, which help promote sleep. When you have an infection or inflammation, certain cytokines increase, encouraging you to rest and reserve your energy for recovery. Sleep deprivation decreases production of these protective cytokines as well as infection-fighting antibodies and cells.

We have a specific technique in Biofield Tuning called an Adrenal Reset, which focuses on balancing adrenal gland function. When we get stressed, our adrenals produce hormones including adrenaline and steroids called aldosterone and cortisol. If we stay stresses for prolonged periods they cause our blood pressure to rise and we become hyper-vigilant, moody and exhausted. By resetting adrenal rhythm normal function can resume, signalling to the body that the ‘danger’ has past and it’s ok to shift gear from the ‘fight or flight’ response to the ‘rest and digest’ response.

8 By Improving Vagal Tone

Having higher vagal tone means that your body can relax faster after stress, which is very important for your immunity. The vagus nerve is the longest of the cranial nerves and it makes direct connections between your brain and your vital organs. Its crucial for keeping our body healthy and free from disease by regulating our immune system, mediating stress levels and reducing inflammation. It does this by ‘listening’ to the way we breathe and sending the brain and the heart whatever message our breathing indicates.

Because of how the vagus nerve ‘listens’ to vibrational cues and its proximity to our ears, external vibrations also have a very significant impact on all the areas of the body it reaches. We can stimulate the vagal nerve by resonating tuning forks close to it and the eardrums.

What’s interesting is that studies have shown that vagal tone is passed on from mother to child in utero, so improving a mother’s vagal tone will also improve her unborn child’s immunity.

9 By Improving Mental Health

Having good mental health increases your ability to make good choices about your lifestyle and wellbeing. It also improves your motivation to learn and improve yourself, all factors in taking better care of yourself.

When your gut is healthy, your brain works better. That’s because not only does the gut feed the brain, but the gut has a brain of its own in the form of a neural network. When your gut bacteria gets out of balance or your gut starts to leak, toxins that accumulate and enter the blood stream can cause all kinds of mayhem such as; food allergies, learning disabilities and mental illness.

Increasing vagal tone has also been shown to help treat a wide variety of brain and metal health conditions, including: depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, migraines, autism, bulimia, poor memory, mood disorders and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

Many of my clients report feeling clearer headed and more focused, even after just one Biofield Tuning session. I know that as a tuner, I certainly do. I would even go as far to say that after receiving several sessions myself and providing dozens of sessions for others, that I can focus for longer periods and my memory recall has greatly improved.

10 By Raising Your Vibration

Raising your vibration means to become more in tune with the higher frequencies of love, gratitude, joy and compassion and therefore less weighed down and easily triggered by the denser, lower frequency emotions of fear, anger, hate and shame. Raising your vibration not only makes you feel lighter, brighter, more confidant and resilient, but it also helps you see opportunities where previously you might have only seen obstacles. By shifting you out of the 'flight or flight' state and into the 'rest, digest and regenerate' state, raising your vibration also raises your immunity. Many studies have shown that people with more relaxed and positive outlooks outlive those that don’t. Any type of Biofield Tuning session will help you raise your vibration.

11 By Speeding Up Recovery

Cuts and scrapes are like open doors where infections can enter, so the faster we heal, the less likely we are to get an infection. I have personally witnessed how Biofield Tuning can accelerate the healing process and recovery from colds and flus and have heard many similar healing stories from other tuners.


As you can see, Biofield Tuning not only helps you increase your immunity, it helps you feel more alive. The great thing about energy therapy is that it you can work with it remotely just as effectively as you can in person, so you don’t even have to leave home to reap all those benefits.

One last piece of advice - whenever possible, follow up your Biofield Tuning session with a hot Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) bath. This will help draw out toxins and help you get a good night’s sleep.

All the very best to everyone out there. Just remember, we are all in this together.

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