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Distance Sessions: Part Two

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Hi and welcome back. I hope you enjoyed reading Part One, where I described some of my most surprising and intriguing distance session experiences. In this part I’ve attempted to condense 100 years worth of scientific exploration in order to explain distance healing in one post, so it’s only fair to warn you, you may not be able to finish reading it before your lunch break is over. I suggest you wait until you’ve got your fluffy slippers on and have put the kids to bed before you begin. 


If history tells us anything, it’s that letting go of long held beliefs is difficult for many people. Sadly the rigid nature of our past laws, which severely punished radical thinkers, caused some scholars to wait until after their deaths to share their findings with the world. Thankfully, nowadays we’re a lot more open to new ideas and our leaders are more inclined to reward the brainy ones with shiny gold prizes than put them to death. And it’s just as well too, because no other time in our history looks set to rock the establishment quite as much as the new scientific discoveries being made right now. You might think that’s a pretty bold statement, but I’m not the only one who thinks so...

“It’s a privilege to be alive now. This is an era unlike any era in the history of humanity. There are more changes going on during our lifetime that have ever gone on before. This period of time is shifting the whole future of human civilisation.” Carolyn Myss - author, publisher, educator and international speaker.

Apologies to any students who have recently purchased scientific textbooks, because they’re now out of date. That’s because they're based on 350 year old Newtonian physics and Cartesian philosophy. Just to put into context how antiquated that knowledge is, it was during that same era when Galileo was imprisoned for heresy for daring to contradict the church by saying the Earth revolves around the Sun. We now know that he was right, but it took 300 years for the religious authorities to accept the truth and clear his name. 

We can now add to the list of outdated knowledge:

  1. We’re just chemicals and mechanics. 

  2. Every living being is separate and we all live on a planet that is separated by everything else in the universe by a big expanse of nothingness. 

  3. We are formed by our DNA.

  4. Our memories and consciousness are trapped somewhere inside the grey mush we call our brains.

It’s a pretty bleak view of life wouldn’t you agree? Which is why I was so happy to learn that it’s all wrong. 

The biggest bombshell science has ever delivered, which shatters everything we thought we knew, is that there is no such thing as separation. Everything is energy and energy is entangled. This was an idea that had been around for decades, but finally proven on July 4th 2012 by the clever particle physicists at CERN, who announced they had found proof of an invisible energy field called ‘The Zero Point Field’, which fills the vacuum of space. Their discovery showed how everything in the universe is made from vibrating information which is in constant communication with itself. The Field is called "zero point" because even at temperatures of absolute zero, when all matter theoretically should stop moving, the interchange between virtual particles is still detectable.

Albert Einstein famously said, “The Field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” What he meant was; the invisible stuff is more important than the stuff we can see, because it shapes the physical world. 

Dr Bruce Lipton, author of ‘Biology of Belief’ states that “Energy precedes matter. We are formed from the outside in, not the other way around.” His experiments with cell cultures prove that its our environment that dictates which genes get turned on and off. We are not the victims of our DNA after all. Yay!

Consciousness expert and author Lynne McTaggart wrote, “All matter exists in a vast quantum web of connection, and a living thing at its most elemental is an energy system involved in a constant transfer of information with its environment.”

Interestingly, 5000 years ago the ancient Vedic scriptures taught ‘Nada Brahma’ - ‘The Universe is created by the energy of sound vibration.’ They also knew that The Field, which they called Akasha, records and stores everything about existence in the form of vibrational waves. Most endigenous cultures have a tradition of attributing a spirit to all things living and non-living. What they call spirit, science calls energy. It would appear that Science is only now catching up to Spirituality. 

If I’ve lost you there, please raise your hand. You’re thinking how can everything be energy when it feels like solid matter? That’s a really good question, so here’s a really abbreviated answer.

Hal Puthoff and his colleagues at the Institute of Advanced Studies demonstrated that what Werner Heisenberg and Niels Bohr (the fathers of quantum physics) had proposed in 1926 was right: that there is no such thing as a thing, no underlying solid reality, only the invisible relationships or bonds between things. Puthoff showed that the resistance or ‘drag-force’ of a collection of electrical charges against being accelerated within The Field created the sense of mass or density we attribute to objects. The more electrically charged parts something has, the larger the drag, the more mass or density it appears to have. 

So there you have it... solid objects are just a micro illusion created by our macro vantage point. And if you think that’s freaky, there’s more…

Niels Bor discovered ‘non-locality’, the ability of subatomic particles to remain aware of and forever influence each other instantaneously, over any distance and time, even after just one meeting.

Werner Heisenberg discovered that our subatomic particles do not remain the same at any moment, but are constantly popping in and out of existence, making a brief appearance before disappearing back into The Field. 

“Although you appear the same at any given moment, you are an entirely new batch of subatomic energy with every breath you take.” This is an excerpt from ‘The Bond’ by Lynne Mactaggart. Great book. You should read it.

The nature of consciousness and how we can use it to heal from a distance is the last piece of the puzzle and probably the trickiest to explain.


Many ancient spiritual practitioners were already aware of the power of consciousness over  energy because they teach us that energy flows to where you focus your attention. This knowledge forms the basis of modern energy therapy - if we cultivate that focus and have positive intentions, we can direct healing energy into ourselves and others. But how does science explain it?

John Archibald Wheeler demonstrated that the only thing to transform a subatomic particle into something seemingly ‘solid’ and measurable was the involvement of the observer. As soon as the scientists took a closer look, the subatomic entity that existed as pure potential would ‘collapse’ into one particular state. This implies that living consciousness has influence over reality.

The Holonomic Brain Theory developed by quantum physicists Karl Priham and David Bohm ( who was a prodigy of Albert Einstein) states that our brains are not storehouses for our memories and consciousness like we once thought, but more like computer processors that can process holographic information called a ‘holon’ (an energy-based concept of information) in an non-localized manner. 

Dr Robin Kelly states in his book ‘The Human Antenna’ that our bodies are like radio receivers which, when tuned in to the right frequencies, can pick up information being broadcast by the universe. This explains why I get sometimes get ‘downloads’, or sensory information relevant to my clients during a tuning session - I am tuning into their frequency. It was during a phone conversation that Robin encouraged me, a photographer and "someone who uses light to heal", to pursue Biofield Tuning so I could use both light and sound to heal my clients. I took his advice and here I am. Thank you Robin!

If our memories and consciousness are not just stored in our brains, but in The Field, or essentially everywhere, this would also explain why some organ recipients can vividly remember events that happened to their donor, whom they have never met. It would also explain how humans and animals can still perform learned tasks when the parts of their brain (thought to contain that information) is injured or missing completely. It also goes a long way to explaining many other ‘paranormal’ events, such as near death or out of body experiences, dowsing and the 8 clairs (clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, etc.)

The Future Of Health Care

Even though many of these amazing discoveries are yet to be taught in mainstream schools, they have already begun to revolutionize our world, particularly in the areas of health and medicine where vibrational or energy medicine is rapidly gaining ground as the safer and more efficient alternative to drugs and surgery. 

Of the 150+ gold-standard scientific studies that have shown energy healing to very effective, the most well-researched is a distance healing study conducted by the late psychiatrist Dr Elizabeth Targ in the late 1980s. Targ put together a group of 40 healers who were instructed to concentrate healing energy on a group of patients, who they had never met, who were in the late stages of AIDS. (This was before AIDS medicine was available.) The results from the experiment were astonishing. 40% of the control group (the ones that didn’t receive the healing) died by the end of the study. Whereas all of the patients who had received the distance healing were not only alive, but were healthier in every regard.

Distance energy healing goes beyond the placebo effect as the experiments of Dr Beverly Rubik show. She found that when trained healers focused healing energy onto a particular group of damaged cell cultures, these damaged cells recovered much faster than the ones that didn’t receive energy healing.

Dr Bruce Lipton states that vibrational signals are 100 times more efficient in controlling biology than chemical signals. He predicts that we will move away from pharmaceuticals and into the energy field, which he says “is a much more effective and efficient way of introducing health into our body.” 

Dr Beverly Rubik agrees and goes even further to say that “conventional medicine is not sustainable, it is way to costly and some people have horrendous side effects.” She goes on to say that one of the leading causes of death is ‘iatrogenesis’, or the adverse effects brought about by medicine.

French biologist Jacque Benveniste, whose work supports the concept of homeopathy, asserted that you don’t need the molecule itself, only its signal, which can be stored digitally. In one of his studies he showed how frequency could be used to detect the bacteria E.coli. If we could detect and destroy pathogens or parasites using the right frequencies, we would potentially eliminate the need for drugs altogether. Dangerous pesticides or insecticides would be a thing of the past and we could avoid consuming contaminated food and water.


All this new knowledge is so empowering because it means that, rather than being passive observers in the theatre of Life, it turns out that we’re actually the co-authors of our collective story. Far from denying God, the current scientific revolution is demonstrating that a higher, collective consciousness is out there and we’re all hard-wired to connect with it.  Regardless of whether you call it 'The Zero Point Field', 'The Universe', 'The Source' or 'The Holy Spirit', we’re energetically (or spiritually, if you prefer) connected by something much greater and more mysterious than we could ever dream up and every one of my distance sessions has confirmed that for me.

Letting go of long held beliefs which no longer serve was where I started with this blog and fittingly it’s where it will end. The one thing all my clients have in common is their need for help with letting go of their non-beneficial beliefs and it’s been my observation that at their core, these beliefs stem from the notion that we’re separate from one another. This drives a persistent longing for connection and wholeness that manifests itself through destructive behaviour, which ironically drives people further apart. The sooner we let go of separation and embrace oneness the better we will all be.


I will leave you with a great quote from one of my favourite authors Lynne McTaggart. “There is a bond, a connection so integral and profound that there is no longer a clear demarcation between the end of one thing and the beginning of another....This connection - the space in between - holds the key to the life of every organism, from subatomic particles to large-scale societies, and also the key to our viable future.”

Recommended Reading:

By Lynne McTaggart.

  • ‘The Field.’

  • ‘The Intention Experiment.’

  • ‘The Bond.’

By Dr Bruce Lipton, PHD

  • ‘The Biology of Belief.’ 

By Michael Talbot

  • ‘The Holographic Universe.’

By Dr Robin Kelly

  • ‘The Human Antenna.’

By Linnie Thomas

  • 'The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine.'

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