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How I got into Biofield Tuning

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

A fantasy photographer is someone who makes a living conjuring up illusions for their client’s, so at first glance it might seem counterproductive for such a photographer to suddenly want to help their clients find freedom from their illusions. When you finish reading my story, you’ll understand why it makes perfect sense. 

A large part of being a photographer is creating a welcoming and safe space for clients. When a client feels secure and nurtured they relax and let go of their nervous tension. Often, while sitting in the makeup chair, clients share very personal stories with me and repressed emotions are released in a flood of tears, leading to significant feelings of relief for the client. This is great for their soul, but not so good for their makeup!

My own soul had been going through an identity crisis and I was searching for a deeper meaning to life. That and this ‘makeup chair catharsis’ phenomenon prompted me to investigate the human psyche. Little did I know, this was a rabbit hole I would disappear down for a number of months, only to re-emerge transformed. 

While down the rabbit hole I become a veracious reader and researcher. Quantum physics, cell biology, epigenetics, human anatomy, energy, the chakra system, meridians, medicine and psychology, all areas that I had never previously been interested in, were now a source of utter fascination for me. I had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge that wouldn’t go away. 

My autopilot had kicked in and I saw myself drifting off my course. My natural instinct to seize back control was overpowered by my curiosity to see where it was taking me, so I just went along for the ride. 

I did get a little concerned however, when my autopilot used my credit card to purchase something online in the early hours one morning. Two weeks later, a book called Biofield Tuning arrived from America. It wasn’t until I had read the book that I had my first big ‘ah-ha’ moment. Finally I had a glimpse of where I was going and my random obsessions seemed less random. 

The Biofield Tuning book described how it was possible to clear stuck energy from the bio-magnetic field around the body and relieve pain, depression, stress and anxiety, among other things. It prompted me to order a set of tuning forks so I could try them out on friends, family and myself. 

While purchasing the forks, I came across a promotion for a Biofield Tuning Foundations Course workshop, which was being held in Auckland in two weeks time and I got really excited about it. But I quickly realized there were too many factors that put it out of reach for me: 1) I didn’t have enough money to cover the course fee, 2) I didn’t have a baby sitter, 3) my tuning forks wouldn’t arrive on time, 4) I didn’t have the required massage table, and the clincher… 5) the deadline for applications had already passed. Disappointed, I tried to put the workshop out of my head… but I couldn’t. 

The sound tuning course pulled me towards it as if I were an iron filing and it were a magnet. This confused me because it seemed illogical to be drawn so strongly to something that was unobtainable and so outside my comfort zone.

It was then I was reminded of my photography clients who acted on instinct, picked up the phone and booked a session with me. They all took a leap of faith, overcame barriers and stepped out of their comfort zones in order to answer the call of their hearts and (so they tell me) they were all glad they did. They inspired me to take a leap of faith. 

I surrendered to Life and said outloud: “If I was meant to go, help me clear the way and I’ll go!” Just like that, the barriers in my way were cleared. The workshop organiser said she could fit me in. The money for the course fee appeared, I found a baby sitter and a massage table and my tuning forks arrived in the nick of time. To my amazement, I even found a free parking space right outside the workshop in central Auckland. It was mean to be!

My leap of faith was rewarded. The workshop was a life changing experience and a turning point for me. I learned so much from it and saw first hand how fast and effective vibrational medicine was. I realised I had been course-correct by Divine intervention and shown my true purpose. Overcome by a profound sense of peace and serenity, I gave thanks.  

Keen to become a fully qualified practitioner, I went off in search of people to practice on. Many eager guinea pigs put their hands up and I completed my 20 case studies in just 6 weeks. During this time I was learning a new language, the language of energy. I was excited to find I could translate the energy ‘tangles’ I detected in people’s fields and could bring the associated emotions to my client’s awareness while untangling them. Many of my clients experienced a profound release from negative emotions during their sessions and gained insights into where their energy was draining from. 

What I was amazed to learn from my research was that a person’s biography (the story they tell themselves) becomes their biology. Being freed from negative thoughts such as: “I’m not worthy of love” or “holding onto my hate will punish those who hurt me” is transformative on a cellular level.

Just as builders sometimes need to demolish old buildings before they can build new ones and doctors sometimes need to break bones in order to rest them, transformation therapists dismantle non-beneficial illusions in order to liberate a person's stuck life-force energy and recycle it into their systems to improve their quality of life.  

Because my thirst for knowledge has not abated, my research is on-going and I am continually enhancing my transformation therapy practice to be of greater service to humanity. 

I still provide a fantasy and transformational photography service, but I can now offer my clients the opportunity to clear their energy before their shoot day. Having no tears of pent-up stress and anxiety not only makes a huge difference to how well client’s makeup stays on, it also produces genuine smiles, something even the best fantasy photographer can’t fake.  

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