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Raising Your Voltage For A Healthier Mind And Body

Updated: May 25, 2023

The best way you can optimise your chances of staying healthy is by RAISING YOUR VOLTAGE. Here’s why…

We are electric beings living in an electric Universe and just like portable electronic devices we require physical energy, or voltage, to work.

Dr Jerry Tennant, world renowned ophthalmologist, founder of the Tennant Institute of Integrative Medicine and author of ‘Healing is Voltage' says;

“ALL chronic disease is characterised by inadequate voltage.”


Our cells need -25 millivolts of energy to run correctly and -50 millivolts to make new cells. That might not mean much to you, so here’s another way of saying it:

Our cells need a PH (a measure of acidity or alkalinity) of between 7.35 and 7.45. PH levels can be analysed by measuring the voltage in a liquid.

Here’s how PH relates to Voltage.

PH: 0 7 14

Voltage: +400mV 0mV -400mV

We all know that cells need oxygen to function, but did you know that the amount of oxygen that will dissolve in water is dictated by the voltage of the water?

If your cells don’t have adequate voltage, they can’t metabolise oxygen.

So when a cell reaches 7PH or 0 millivolts, that means the oxygen in the cell has all but disappeared and the cell flips polarity. Stem cells will then recognise that signal and come to ‘help' by invading the local blood supply and creating a massive blood vessel which we call cancer. According to Dr Tennant’s research, all cancers occur at +30 millivolts.

By raising your body’s voltage you’re not only helping boost your overall energy levels for optimal and sustained physical and mental activity, but you’re also helping your wounds heal quicker and strengthening your immune system. By raising your voltage you’re creating a much healthier mind and body.


Our MUSCLES are like rechargeable battery packs. They are what’s called piezoelectric, which means that when exercise they emit electrons.

The FASCIA around our muscle serves as the body’s wiring system. Fascia is a semi-conductor, a collection of molecules arranged in such a way that electrons move through them at the speed of light, but only in one direction.

Our CELL MEMBRANES are small batteries called capacitors. A capacitor is a device that stores electrical energy in an electric field.

Inside Our MITOCHONDRIA we have a rechargeable battery system called ATP/ADP, which needs fatty acids to recharge.

There are bacteria Our GUT, called electrogenic bacteria, that produces electricity.

Our DNA has its own battery using scalar energy, also called Tesla waves, because they were discovered by Nicola Tesla. Scalar waves are capable of penetrating any solid object and are capable of passing through the Earth from one side to the other without losing field strength.

Our BONES are piezoelectric crystalline structures and when we exercise we make energy.

Like fascia, COLLAGEN is also a semiconductor. Semiconductors conduct energy, in the way the wiring system in your house conducts electricity very quickly from one point to another. But not only that, collagen can also conduct and filter information, store energy and amplify signals. In other words, the connective tissue system can also process information, like the semiconductor chips in your computer. Your connective tissue system is well suited for the task of conveying both energy and information, because it connects every part of your body to every other part.



As I have already mentioned, when we exercise we create energy and raise our voltage. If you don’t feel energised after exercise, you may have an energy blockage or a short in your circuitry, or your energy might be flowing in the wrong direction, in which case I would highly recommend a Meridian Flush (see below).

I used to rely on coffee to get me going in the morning, but it made me anxious and my stomach too acidic, so I replaced it with 10-15 minutes of light stretching and core exercises. Doing that makes me feel more fantastic for longer than coffee ever did, and without the unpleasant side effects. I’ve also lost weight and toned up a lot, which is a bonus.


Getting plenty of regular, good quality will help you recharge your energy resources. When you sleep, your immune system releases compounds called cytokines. Some cytokines have a protective effect on your immune system by helping it to fight inflammation due to infection. Without enough sleep, you may not have enough cytokines to keep you from getting sick. Other components of the immune system, like antibodies and white blood cells, can be reduced over time without enough sleep. Sleep not only boosts your immune system, it also manages weight loss and helps you retain your memory.


The energy of the sun is sent to the Earth through thermal radiation. When this radiation hits certain molecules, they start vibrating or moving faster which increases their energy. Energy from the sun is taken in by plants and eaten by animals and us. Without the sun, that foundation level of energy would be gone, and no large life on earth would exist. Therefore we can raise our voltage by spending time in the sun and eating food that has grown up or ripened in sunlight.


By that I mean a food that is as close to its original, natural form, like fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, fish, poultry and whole grains. These foods are rich in inflammation-fighting antioxidants and phytochemicals. They help the body produce and activate enzymes, which are necessary for hormone production and chemical reactions in the body.

In addition to these, foods that are rich in probiotics and prebiotics are also considered “alive” as they help promote the healthy bacteria in your body that are the first line of your immune system.

Dead food doesn't decompose quickly, usually because it is full of preservatives and additives that are designed to make the food look good for longer. If I'm not sure about the ingredients of the food in front of me, I offer a little bit of it to the birds and insects, and if they don't eat it, nor do I.


Living water is water that carries the full spectrum of life supporting frequencies. Water has a liquid crystalline phase where its molecules create a repeating geometric array, similar to the molecular pattern in a solid quartz crystal. Although the molecules remain mobile, they appear to move together as a coherent whole. Living water is an organised network that responds to its environment. Once the network has been established, it can carry signals and vibratory (frequency) information very similar to the way solid crystals are used for this purpose in solid state technology.

Several elements contribute to the creation of full-spectrum living water:

  • Movement or turbulence, which creates vortices.

  • Some form of gentle, organising energy (this can be supplied by magnets, paramagnetic materials, infrared light and sound.)

  • Mineral ions (salts), these anchor the life force in water and help water to hold information.

  • Stillness, a period following movement during which water develops organisation.

  • Information, frequency-based input, including the very important resonance of the Earth.

When these elements combine (and they can do so in many different ways) water becomes a living, liquid crystal with the full spectrum of life supporting enhancements.


Epsom salts, or magnesium sulphate, has been used as a temporary performance boost for ageing car batteries since the 1950s. When mixed with warm bath water Epsom salts can increase our electrolyte levels too. Electrolytes are chemicals that conduct electricity when mixed with water. As I mentioned above, they anchor the life force in water, but they also help regulate nerve and muscle function, hydrate the body, balance blood acidity and pressure, and help rebuild damaged tissue.


Everything is energy and energy is information that is vibrating. Everything also has its own frequency signature, which is what identifies it and makes it recognisable. As we go through life, our cell's signature frequencies get effected by chaos and trauma, and like a musical instrument, this rough treatment can make our cells sing out of tune. Having a frequency signature that is out of tune or incoherent, interrupts our inter-cellular communication. We have around 50 trillion cells in our body, so optimal function relies on every cell in our body being able to communicate clearly with all the other cells. To help you understand this concept, think about how remote controls work, which is by sending a specific frequency signature to a receiver unit tuned to pick up those frequencies in order to turn things off or on, lock or unlock, etc. Incoherence can lead to energy blockages, low voltage and eventually it weakens our body making us susceptible to injuries, disease and illness.


We can bring our cell's frequency signature back into coherence by using energy medicine modalities like biofield tuning, which uses coherent frequency and intention to entrain our cells. Entrainment is when one frequency transforms another. An everyday example of positive entrainment is when a mother sings to her crying baby to soothe it.

There are several ways a biofield tuning session can help raise your voltage...

1) By RELEASING EMOTIONS and trauma that haven’t been metabolised out of the body.

What we refer to as ‘negative emotions’ are actually defined by an incoherent waveform pattern, which looks spiky and irregular, in contrast to ‘positive emotions,’ which have a coherent waveform pattern, which is smooth and regular. When incoherent emotions get interrupted or repressed, they get stored for future processing. The intelligent organising force of our body files these unprocessed thoughts and emotions in predictable places in our body, and in the energy field - in and around our body, which we call the biofield. Biofield tuning is the process of locating, identifying and transforming incoherent energy and releasing it so it can be recycled back into circulation where it can be put to better use.

2) Scar tissue creates a short circuit in your body’s electrical wiring, but with a SONIC SCAR THERAPY session, frequency can be used to bridge the gap and create new electrical pathways so that scars are no longer a dead end for your electrical flow.

3) Another thing that can block the flow of energy along your circuits are toxins, which often get stored in the joints. A MERIDIAN FLUSH uses frequency and vibration to gently unblock these areas and allows your vital energy to once again reach all areas of the body. This therapy also gets your energy flowing in the right direction. I would recommend having several of these sessions before embarking on an exercise regime because it will strengthen your circuitry and make exercise that much easier and more enjoyable.

4) Our bodies are 99% water by molecule and 70% water by volume and water is extremely influenced by SOUND. The photographs that Dr Masaru Emoto took of frozen water that had been reshaped using sound from deformed lumps into beautiful crystalline structures are now world famous. As I have mentioned, liquid crystal water not only conducts and stores electricity, but it also stores information. Water is so good at doing that, it is beginning to replace silicone in our devices. Have you ever wondered why you can exercise for longer when your favourite music is playing? Thats because coherent sound energises us and makes us feel calmer, lighter and brighter. Biofield tuning uses coherent sound to the same effect. Dr Gerald Pollack’s experiments show that when ultrasound frequencies are applied to water that already holds a small charge, the voltage of the water is increased.

I hope that by using these steps to raise your voltage, you too can have improved quality of life.


‘Healing Is Voltage’ by Dr. Jerry Tennant

'The Fourth Phase Of Water’ by Dr Gerald Pollack

‘The Hidden Messages In Water’ by Dr Masaru Emoto

‘Molecules Of Emotion’ by Dr Candace Pert

'Human Bio-electricity and the Electric Universe model' by Eileen McKusick

Living Water

Electrogenic Bacteria

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