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Thank You 2019

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

As you do whenever December is drawing to a close, I’ve been taking stock of what I’ve achieved (or haven’t) this year, and for the first time in many years I'm very satisfied with the final tally.

When 2019 started, I was working part time in a retail job I hated while trying to figure out whether to keep following my business plan and grow my transformational portrait photography business or quit it altogether. I was miserable, frustrated, stuck and totally in my own way. Deep down I knew big changes needed to happen, but I had no idea what they were or how to even begin. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I can clearly see now how impossible my task was, because I was the one who badly needed a transformation!

My yearning for divine guidance and natural curiosity led me down a strange path, and quite out of the blue I disappeared down a research rabbit hole. While down there, studying like a woman possessed, I learned a great many things that radically shifted my consciousness and profoundly changed my life.

Here are just a few…

  • Everything is energy and everything is connected.

  • Energy is information that is vibrating and is stored in infinite waves.

  • Energy precedes matter and informs how it is manifested.

  • Energy goes to where we place our awareness.

  • We are the co-creators of our reality.

  • To find fulfilment we first need to find our purpose.

By March, when I re-emerged from the rabbit hole surprised and disoriented, I had a foundations certificate in something called Biofield Tuning. This drastic departure from my business plan was unexpected, but at the same time it felt inevitable, like it was my destiny.

This was the first time I saw my energy sensitivity and empathic traits as being an asset instead of a liability. I cannot overstate how huge this shift was for me. It literally changed my life. Instead of hiding my abilities in the dark and being ashamed of them, I now was excited to talk openly about them, develop them and use them to help other people. It was the first of a series of big 'ah-ha' moments for me.

Divine guidance would intervene again and again over the course of the year and even though I didn’t think it possible, I completed my practitioner’s qualification before Christmas. What a great Christmas present!

One of the biggest highlights of this year was my trip to Sydney. Based on the foundations course, I suspected the practitioner training would be intense and I wasn't wrong. There was so much clearing and releasing of old stuff, that by the time it ended, I felt like a different person. I was lighter, radiant, clearer, confident, stronger, calmer, wiser, content, peaceful, in sync with the universe and my purpose and in love with life. I wouldn’t have dreamt it possible a few months earlier and all I did was tune into that little voice that guides us to our highest potential. Now I can hear, see, feel, smell and taste energy. Isn't that wild?!

While allowing for further detours, my plan for 2020 is to keep growing my energy therapy business and integrate it into my photography work, to create a more comprehensive transformational experience for my clients. I will continue to study, learn, practice and research as much as I can and develop my abilities as far as they will go.

Normally I'm not a fan of New Year celebrations, due to some pretty horrible past experiences, but this year I am unashamedly excited for what the new year will bring. I have a good feeling in my bones that it's going to be more epic adventures.

Whatever your goals are for 2020, I hope that you remain flexible, so that if you hear that little voice guiding you to take an unscheduled step away from your grand schemes, you listen and take that leap of faith. Stay curious and believe in miracles, you never know where it may lead. The Universe just might reveal to you an even better plan.


Authors Eileen Day McKusick, Caroline Myss, Cindi Dale, Judith Orloff, Donna Eden and Chetan Parkyn for writing a books so thought provoking that it started me on this fantastic journey.

My tutor Toni Cross for her guidance, inspiration, kindness, support and patience.

My partner Dave for being my best friend, healer, supporter and team mate.

My daughter Tiger for her wisdom, great sense of humour and for being my cheer leader.

My parents Helen and David for their continued love and support, despite not fully understanding what it is I do.

Finally, a huge heart-felt thanks to all of my clients, especially the guinea pigs, who volunteered to let me practice on them.

Many blessings to all.

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