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Vaccinations – The Conversation Killer

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Creator: MarianVejcik Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

When I started my energy therapy practice I promised myself to avoid the topic of vaccinations because I thought it was the smart thing to do. But the recent outbreak of measles has escalated a previously vigorous debate into an all-out war, saturating the internet with angry and overly defensive posts, which often resort to unnecessary shaming and blaming of the opposition in order to make a point. This has rendered the conversation of vaccinations a no-go zone for anyone unprepared for warfare, which is wrong… so now I feel compelled to speak up.

Everywhere I look it seems that anyone who speaks negatively against vaccinations are labeled a ‘heretic’ and if they speak positively about vaccinations they’re labeled ‘primitive’ or ‘ignorant.’ For example, I recently read a post on Neighbourly (ironically the social platform invented to bring neighbours closer together) that said; “Parents who don’t vaccinate their children are stupid and should be imprisoned.” I also watched an interview where an MD obstetrician/gynaecologist stated that: vaccines were “dangerous” and parents need to stop the “primitive practice” of “sacrificing their children to the vaccine gods.”

Having had BOTH positive and negative experiences with vaccines, I do not wish to take sides or convert anyone - that would achieve nothing. I’m simply voicing my concerns about how the growing animosity might affect 1) our health, 2) our relationships, 3) our freedom of speech, and 4) our sovereign rights to our body.

It’s sad to see people’s anger clouding their thoughts and overshadowing their knowledge and experience. This hostility indicates that their sentiments come from a mentality of fear, lack and paranoia, which is a very unhealthy place to begin a conversation about health from. Worst still, this conflict has completely obliterated from view our common goal, which is achieving optimal health for all.

In our arrogance, we have forgotten how much we need one another and it is only when faced with our common foe, in this case deadly diseases, that we realise how badly the “I win, you lose” mentality of the past has failed us. We are reminded, once again, that we are all on this cosmic ship together. Therefore the mantra that will usher us into the future must be “We win, I win.”

We’ve all been given a voice and a part to sing in The Divine Symphony called Life, which is why protecting our freedom of speech is so important. Part of protecting this freedom is making sure everyone feels included and safe enough to contribute. If our individual harmonies turn into angry shouting, our songs will be lost in the cacophony and the beauty of the life-giving music destroyed.

The energy therapy motto: “Health = Harmony” has been proven to be true over and over again by amazing new discoveries in physics, biology and epigenetics, which show us that the ancient Vedic spiritual wisdom was right all along - everything is energy and energy is information that is vibrating. When we change the vibration in the energy field, we can alter matter’s physical form. Harmony (or coherent frequencies) creates the shapes in nature often described as ‘sacred geometry’ because of their perfect balance and beauty, whereas discord (or incoherent frequencies) manifests as misshapen and ugly forms. It's important to become mindful about what we say and why we say it, because we shape our world with our our words, for they are vibrations we transmit to one another.

If we cannot figure out how to get along and play nice, I’m concerned that the government may decide to step in and make vaccinations mandatory. I personally believe having sovereignty over our own bodies is a sacred right and that handing authority over what gets put into (or taken out of) our bodies to politicians is inconceivable. If we get to freely choose between eating regular or organic food, we should also be free to choose between vaccinating our own bodies and not vaccinating, without fear of judgment or reprisal from others.

For many reasons getting 100% of the world’s population vaccinated is an impossible mission, unless there was a way to get rid of the needles and the chemicals…

Chemicals, after all, are just messengers designed to carry a specific signal to certain living tissues to initiate a physical change. The very essence of that signal is vibration. If we do away with the chemicals and just use sound to send the vibration, we get the same results but with a ninety nine times more efficiency and zero side effects. (If you want to learn more about this technology, I suggest you start by Googling biologist and epigenetic expert Dr. Bruce H Lipton, PhD.)

I can imagine a day when we’ll be able to play a vibrational ‘vaccine’ on our stereos, laptops or mobile phones and immediately benefit from its healing frequency - an infinitely more enjoyable experience than being pierced with a needle, wouldn’t you agree?

While vibrational vaccine technology is still being explored, there are many other alternatives already showing great promise, such as 3D printed vaccines that can be customized to the individual. There are also nosodes, a energetic blueprint derived from homeopathic protocols which can be taken orally. Nosodes have been used successfully on animals for the last 35 years and have proven themselves to be a safer alternative to vaccines in human clinical trials.

Being distracted by petty skirmishes in the vaccine war means we’re not focused on the bigger picture and it delays the development of better solutions, which will inevitably replace traditional vaccines. By not respecting one another’s voices we lose our own. Our best blueprint for survival is drawn from compassion, understanding and cooperation. So the next time you read an angry post about vaccines that pushes all your buttons and makes you want to retaliate, try pushing ‘play’ and listen to some beautiful music instead of pushing the ‘nuke’ button. Remind yourself that harmony is what made you and it’s also what heals you.

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Creator: MarianVejcik

Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

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