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What Happened When I Tuned Myself

Updated: Apr 8, 2020


If you’ve ever experienced digestion problems or symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) you’ll want to read this. There have been some pretty big revelations in the past during my tuning sessions with clients, but no session has shocked and surprised me as much as the ones when I tuned myself for the first time…

After months of being indoors during a cold, wet and windy Winter and helping others raise their voltage, I had let my own fire get low. I was feeling very blah and lacking my usual sparkle due to a difficulty sleeping, frustration, stress and anxiety, bloating, gas and a creative block. My energy levels were really up and down and for the last couple of weeks I had also developed stomach cramps, sharp pains and irregular stools. So I decided it was high-time I did a Biofield Tuning session on myself. Even tuners need a regular tune up you know!

Having had lots of practice in the past living with pain (I was unable to take pain meds) and being in denial about my state of health for a long time, tuning myself for the first time would be challenging. Not only would I need to focus my attention inwards without shying away from the discomfort and embarrassment caused by critical self-analysis, but I also had to confront my fears (and pride) about what I might find in my energy field.


Before every session, I do a reading with my pendulum to get an indication of what level my client’s Chi (or vital force) is at. Mine was at 50%, which was below my normal average for the afternoon.

Just as I would with a regular distance session, I put a surrogate (my dressmaker’s mannequin) on the massage table to serve as an anatomical guide, and I said my mantra over her (me), setting my intention to do the highest good.

To begin with, I located the off-body Chakra called the Earth Star, which serves as our negative battery terminal. Ideally, the Earth Star should be about 6 inches below the feet, but mine was tucked up between my calves, almost at my knees! That is very high indeed and it showed me how ungrounded I had become over Winter. It also explained why I was feeling so stressy and bottled-up emotionally - not enough contact with sunlight, nature and the Earth to release built-up charge. To my surprise, my Earth Star really resisted moving and took me about 25 minutes to relocate to its sweet-spot below my feet. Once in place, I ‘plugged it in’ and instantly felt a really strong energetic connection flowing through me to the Earth and back, so much so that my feet tingled!

Next, it was time to work on my Sun Star (our positive terminal), which was in its ideal spot about 6 inches above my head. As I as plugging in, I felt a sudden whoosh of energy that pushed me backwards and made me feel full of peace and love. I bathed in those glorious sensations for a while until they dissipated.

My pendulum showed me that the Chakras I needed to work on the most were my Left Foot, Sacral and 3rd Eye. Given the symptoms I mentioned earlier, I was not at all surprised that my Sacral and 3rd Eye had come up, but my Left Foot was not expected and I wondered what I would find there.

(When multiple Chakras show up as requiring attention, I almost always start with the lowest one. I believe, wherever possible it is best practice to work on the foundation Chakras first and work your way up.)

The left foot speaks of our feelings of security, our ability to support ourselves and things that prevent us moving forward. As per a normal session, I found the edge of my biofield (about 5 feet away) and with my tuning fork, combed my way in towards the body. By combed, I mean I used it like sonar, activating it to listen and feel for anomalies in my energy field. I immediately found pockets of closed tone and quiet patches that needed adjusting, so I kept striking the fork at those spots until the tone of the fork was open and clear. I also found a resistance wall and closed tone at around the age of 37, which is when I gave birth to my daughter. It had been a very difficult labour, which spanned 4 days and ended dramatically with an emergency C-section that left me with a scar across my lower abdomen.

Deep scar tissue can short-circuit the body’s electrical system and prevent energy from moving past it. While clearing this wall of resistance in my field, I sensed strong tingles all over my upper body, especially around my shoulders and arms. This indicated to me that the forks were doing their job and that stuck energy was being allowed to move upwards.

Given one of the main themes of the Left Foot: things that prevent us from moving forward, I was being shown that my scar was the ‘thing’. Without fully functioning circuitry in my lower abdomen/Sacral area, it was no wonder I was having digestion and creativity issues.

Next I moved onto the Sacral Chakra itself. Once again I found areas of closed tone and resistance while combing my biofield, and once again the age 37 came up as a wall. This wall was persistent, but once I had released it, I also sensed a release of pressure in my belly around the area of my scar.

While I was columning or integrating the released energy from my field back into my Sacral Chakra, my fork felt extra heavy and it made a dull tone. I kept columning the Chakra until the heaviness lifted and the tone became clear and bright. This was when I had my big a-ha moment and realised my symptoms were very similar to IBS.

By the end of this first session I was feeling much better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. My Chi level read 80%, which I was pretty chuffed about. I was feeling sooo good I went for a nature walk in the sun, which made me feel even better.

Note to self: follow your own advice and DRINK PLENTY OF WATER AFTER YOUR SESSION! I was feeling so good I forgot to rehydrate and ended up with a headache the next morning!!!

Three days later, even though I already felt much better, I kept an appointment I had previously made with my doctor, because I was curious to see what she thought of my symptoms. Her diagnosis was it was most likely IBS. My gut was right (pun intended). Because there are no tests or medication for IBS, it was up to me to keep a food diary and gradually take out the foods I suspected were triggers. So I bought a diary and started taking notes, but as it turned out, I needn’t have bothered.


That afternoon, after the visit with my doctor, I did a second self-session which set a record for the most surprises I’ve ever experienced in a single BT session.

Before starting, I measured my Chi, which was at 60%, an increase of 10% from last time. Nice! Then I said a new mantra, which came out of nowhere. It was more elaborate and earnest than ever before. Normally I don’t feel much more than a trickle of energy movement when I say my mantra. But this time I felt the top/back part of my head opening up, which felt TOTALLY weird, and then a huge surge of energy go in through it and into my upper body, spreading out from my spine. It felt very intense and strange but amazing at the same time! This incredible sensation lasted for about 2-3 minutes.

My Earth Star was between my ankles, which was an improvement. (It can take several sessions for the Earth Star to stay put at its ideal position below the feet.) Instead of resisting relocation like it did before, this time my Earth Star went willingly and I felt a great energy flow once plugged in.

Another exciting new event occurred while plugging in my Sun Star. I felt an energy flow I had never felt before. It was like standing under a warm shower. First it poured over my head, then it flowed down my body making my skin tingle. I bathed in this extremely pleasant sensation for about a minute then was gently pushed backwards. It was a little like getting a painless electric shock in slow-motion.

The surprises kept coming. Normally my pendulum would make a ‘Yes’ movement (up & down) to indicate a Chakra does require attention and a circular movement to indicate it doesn’t. But this time my pendulum made a very vigorous ‘No’ movement (side to side) to indicate that a Chakra doesn’t require attention. I found this unequivocal new sign to be extremely helpful and reassuring, plus it sped up the process of determining where to work.

I semi-expected to be guided to work on the 3rd Eye Chakra, as my pendulum indicated in the previous session, but instead it indicated that my Sacral Chakra required more attention. This puzzled me because I had never had to re-do a Chakra before in quick succession. Referring to my first session notes, I was reminded that during that hour and a half I had had a ridiculous amount of interruptions. Perhaps because it was “just me,” I hadn’t taken the usual steps to prevent distractions that I normally would have if I had been with a client, which I realise now was silly, because my health is just as important.

Sure enough, while combing the parts of my biofield that relate to my Sacral Chakra I found more loud spots, static, sticky areas, resistance walls and closed tones. Of particular interests was a loud spot outside the edge of my field, which became a very distinct resistance wall at the edge of the field. The more I ‘listened’ the more it felt like it was a soul contract issue, as though my soul had been reluctant to incarnate on Earth. This fitted in with how I felt growing up, like I had been put on the wrong planet. I remember spending my childhood feeling lonely and homesick for somewhere I had only had a vague sense of. As I worked on this loud spot and resistance wall, I verbally relinquished my reluctance to be here and accepted what is. In that instant I sensed a powerful energetic shift.

My fork also found what is known as the ‘Left Hand Ditch’ - frustrated, sad energy around the left shoulder. It felt like the air was thicker in that area and it was pretty stubborn to shift, so I had to use my weighted forks to release it.

The result from my Chi level test afterwards was an astonishing 90%! Never have I seen anyone test this high. I was blown away and couldn’t help but feel a little bit pleased with myself. I went for another walk, remembering to drink plenty of water this time and have an Epsom salt bath when I got home. I didn’t get a headache, but I did develop a little bit of a mucus detox, probably from working on too many Chakras in one session.

The next day I was amazed to discovered that the bloating and gas that been bothering me for weeks had completely gone and my clothes felt comfortable again.


It had been 17 days since that memorable second session and I was very relieved and grateful that I hadn’t had a single cramp or stomach pain since then and my digestion had returned to normal. I had also noticed that my sleep patterns had improved and I was feeling positive, energetic, inspired and highly creative. So much so that I cranked out a couple of fantasy costumes in the space of three days.

After such a dramatic turn around it was hard to leave my expectations at the door and not go into this third session with sense of anticipation, but I did my level best to stay neutral.

My starting Chi level was still at 60%, which is awesome. My mantra once again triggered my head to opening up at the back like a flower and I could feel energy pouring in and down my spine. It was the kind of WOW moment you wish you could stop, rewind and re-live over and over again.

Once again I got a great connection when plugging in my Earth Star and got the push back from my Sun Star and a mini energy shower. This time my pendulum guided me to work on my 3rd Eye and my forks found what is called the ‘Hamster Wheel of Worry’ on the right of my head. This area speaks of over-thinking the past and I was definitely guilty of doing that. My Chi was a very satisfying 80% by the end of the session.

The next day my period started, which is not remarkable in itself, but what WAS remarkable is the fact that I didn’t get the usual debilitating hormonal migraine along with it. In fact…I felt fantastic and managed to play soccer with my daughter for most of the afternoon.

If you’re a Biofield Tuner, I highly recommend regularly tuning yourself. Not only does it keep you vital and healthy, it also provides valuable insight into your practice from a client’s perspective and a deeper experience in terms of self-discovery.

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