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What My Guinea Pigs Taught Me: Part Three

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Guinea Pigs Are People Too

In this part I’ll reveal what a Biofield Tuning* (BT) session was like for my first 20 clients, or my Guinea Pig Group as I like to call them. What did they sense and feel and what benefits have they experienced from their sound tuning sessions? Read on to find out. 


Before I became a “fork packing crystal hugger," as an ex-colleague of mine once teasingly described me, a health crisis involving a gall bladder that threatened to burst and possibly kill me, introduced me to the medical wonders of ultrasound scans and lithotripsy. Both of these technologies involve expensive machines that emit sound frequencies that are out of our hearing range, but enable them to perform seemingly miraculous tasks. It wasn’t until 14 years later that I would learn how an inexpensive tuning fork could also be a very valuable tool in the healing arts.  

Getting Forked

One of the many nifty tricks a humble tuning fork can do is increase the space between particles in our bodies. Now you might be thinking, “that sounds painful, why on earth would I want someone to do that to me?” But I don’t mean making spaces by sticking someone with the pointy end… that would be wrong. 

Through a process called entrainment a tuning fork’s vibration can shift our brainwaves causing a positive physiological reaction and the release of nitric oxide. This molecule is responsible for all kinds of health benefits such as vasodilation (the widening of blood vessels), which lowers blood pressure. It also improves lymph flow and reduces inflammation and pain signals. 

Fun Fact: Nitric oxide also helps increases exercise performance, improves memory and helps the immune system fight bacteria. 

These are all wonderful benefits of sound tuning, but not ones that are easily observed without having a high-tech laboratory on hand. But one of the most obvious and immediate affects that tuning forks have on the body (especially the weighted forks) is their ability to relax tense muscles. 

One of my clients was particularly quiet while I was using two low frequency weighted forks on his spine (he was lying face down on my massage table at the time) and I thought his silence meant that perhaps he wasn’t enjoying his experience, so I asked him cautiously “how does that feel?” There was a really looong silence and I thought, “oh god, he hates it and doesn’t want to hurt my feelings”, when the silence was broken by a drowsy, “sooooo gooood!” I breathed a sigh of relief and he promptly fell back to sleep.

Nowadays I take it as a compliment when my clients fall asleep during their session and rather than interrupt their peaceful slumber, I just put a soft blanket over them and hope

they don’t roll off my massage table. 

Many clients report having the best sleep they’ve had in ages in their own beds after their tuning session. Even my client’s dog was sleeping soundly shortly after his 20 minute session.

Another one of my clients, who had suffered back and hip injuries in a serious car accident many years before, has a very pronounced limp and quite a bit of pain and discomfort. After a one hour session she smiled and amazed to find that she was standing straighter and the pain was a good deal less than it was when we started. 

Non-Contact Sensations

Many clients report feeling sensations even when the forks don’t come in contact with their body. Interestingly this happens most often when I’m making adjustments to their off-body chakras called the Earth Star (our negative terminal) and the Sun Star (our positive terminal.) These terminals are typically located below the feet and above the head respectively. When I’m adjusting their Earth Star, many of my client’s have reported feeling energy moving in other parts of their body, tingling, swaying, pins and needles, static electricity, or localised temperature changes. When I’ve been adjusting their Sun Star, some clients have reported feeling a slight pulling sensation on the side of their face or on the top of their head.

One of my clients did a little involuntary jump reflex at the exact moment I encountered static in her Biofield, even when I was four or five feet away from her body. There was a lot of static in her field, so she did a lot of jumping! She said it was like having a small electric shock, but it wasn't painful. This was confirmation for me that, even though we couldn’t see what my fork was encountering, it was indeed connected in some invisible way to her physical body. 

Better Out Than In

Liquids are great sound conductors, so when the wave front (created by the fork's vibration) hits them, they want to move. Excess water being retained in the body heads for the exit and its very likely that by halfway through your session you’ll feel the urge to pee…a lot. You might not immediately see peeing like a racehorse as a benefit, but when you consider the amount of toxins that are shifted during the sound tuning process, you’ll be glad your body’s plumbing is working efficiently. 


This is common after a session and I’ve observed that people who have a lot of stuck energy shifted are likely to have a stronger detox. It’s common to feel tired, dehydrated and a bit moody after an intense session. Drinking plenty of water and having Epsom salt baths is great for minimising the effects of detoxing, which can be felt for a day or two, after which you’ll feel much better for having eliminated the trapped waste from your body. 

Increased Energy

Many clients feel immediately lighter and more energised after a session. I like to measure my client’s voltage before and after their session so we can make a comparison. This an effective way of illustrating how much stuck energy can be recovered from our Biofields and put back into our systems to provide us with vital life force and for clients its a satisfying visual record of their progress.

Calmness & Clarity

Anxiety, overwhelm and fatigue are the most common complaints of all my clients and are the symptoms of lacking calmness and clarity in your life. Many of my clients report feeling calmer, more focused and having clarity of thought after their sessions. Their anxiety attacks are also less frequent and less intense. 

Increased Intuition

Once a state of calmness and clarity has been achieved, our sixth sense returns, just as our sense of taste and smell returns after having a cold. Quite often I hear from clients, who have been struggling with making a big life decision, that their intuition kicked in after their session and they found knowing what was right for them was a lot less confusing. 


One of my clients was lying on her back looking up at the ceiling while I was dismantling a wall of resistance on the left side of her Biofield about two feet away from her heart chakra, when she told me the ceiling looked all wavy like a mirage. The mirage lasted about a minute or so then disappeared. I wrote the observation in her notes and didn’t think about it again until I was reading a Facebook post from another BT practitioner on our group page who said she experienced the same thing on her client while tuning the same part of the Biofield. We were both astonished that our clients could actually see their Biofields moving!

Time Warps

Eileen McKusick, the founder of the BT method, has dubbed the acceleration of time during sessions the ‘sound tuning time warp’ and my clients and I have also found this to be the case. Two hours of a BT session can feel like thirty minutes of regular time. Elieen hypothesises that it might have something to do with the process of decreasing entropy and working with information in the aether. For me, its just the way time flies when you’re doing something enjoyable.


Many of my clients have had a cathartic experience during their tuning session, usually because I’ve been combing their Biofield and come across a construct, then linked it to a time in their life when the event occurred. This often triggers a memory and undigested emotions bubble to the surface. Far from it being a hindrance, it has the effect of clearing the construct more quickly and enabling the client to digest and process the stored emotion.

As the saying goes; “a problem shared is a problem halved” and I’m deeply honoured by the trust my clients place in me and I am happy to assist their healing journey by being a witness to the traumas they have suffered through (often alone) for years. We cry and laugh together and bond over cups of tea and mountains of tissues. After these intense sessions I’m often asked if I’m exhausted and the clients are always surprised when I tell them I’m not. I actually feel quite the opposite: uplifted, invigorated and incredibly connected. I believe that's what we can all experience when we're living our soul's purpose.

Always A Unique Experience

Every client’s session is a unique and unrepeatable event. The only common denominator appears to be that all my clients sense something has been shifted and they feel different. Some client’s feel lighter, like a weight has been lifted off them, others feel more open, receptive and compassionate. Some feel emboldened to say and do things they wouldn’t have previously and are less fearful when it comes to making big decisions. Some experience detox symptoms and take a day or two to bounce up, while others get pain relief, feel energised and focused straight away and get the urge to do something active. Others feel the need go home for a cup of tea and a lie down. So you can see how trying to forecast how someone will respond to a session is a bit like trying to grab a stuffed toy with claw machine in a games arcade - more miss than hit. Despite this unpredictability, the overwhelming evidence confirms that sound tuning has a positive affect on humans… and animals. 

Since completing my case studies, I have tuned many more people outside of my guinea pig group and have started conducting distance sessions. Yeah, I know!!! I was skeptical about this at first, but oh boy, they’re amazing! I recommend all you skeptics out there read 'The Field' by Lynne McTaggart and be prepared to have your minds blown by how connected we all are.

A huge thank you to my Guinea Pigs for being so open minded, for giving me your precious time and wonderfully honest feedback. You have enabled me to accelerate my learning and become a better tuner. 

Thank YOU for reading my posts, I have really enjoyed reading your feedback. A special thank you to all the other BT tuners out there reading this, your shared experiences and insights have been amazing and I really appreciate you taking the time to respond in such great detail and for all your wonderful encouragement.  

Since publishing this blog, I have heard from so many people who are becoming interested in taking up Biofield Tuning as a profession. I just want to wish you all the best. You are in for a wonderful and amazing ride!

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