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What My Guinea Pigs Taught Me: Part Two

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Sense & Sensibility 

In part one of this trilogy I shared my own learning curve as I practiced Biofield Tuning* (or BT for short) at home for the first time after my foundations training course. In this part I will share with you the surprising and sometimes disturbing things I’ve found in the biofields and chakras of my first 20 clients, or my ‘guinea pig group’ as I like to call them.



“I am aware of how crazy I look faffing around with tuning forks in thin air” is what I say to clients who watch me with curiosity as I tune their biofields. But, as I explain to them, what’s even stranger…it’s not thin air.” There are forces we can’t see with our eyes but we know exist because of how they affect matter and our other senses, for example, electricity, magnetism and gravity. But there are also subtle energies, whose effects are not as obvious on matter, but never the less can be witnessed by our other senses. 


Construct is a term used in BT to describe an object made of subtle energy that we can’t see with our physical eyes, but we can feel with our forks and sometimes see through symbolic sight (or second sight as some call it.) As I understand them, constructs are lower frequencies created by the subconscious mind. They may never enter the client’s conscious awareness, unless someone who can interpret them can identify them. Just as bats, whales and dolphins use sound navigation ranging (or sonar) to see with, BT practitioners use an activated tuning fork and their intuition to navigate the geography of the human biofield. So far, the types of constructs I’ve encountered are; resistance, walls, shields, shackles and clamps, gags, cords, drain holes, and rivers.


Resistance are areas in the biofield where energy gets denser and it feels like you’re pushing the fork through water instead of air. Typically when clearing a client's chakra they're lying on my massage table so I can move the forks in a straight line out from the body and directly upwards. This method is called 'collumning'. When I encounter resistance in the column, it feels as if the forks suddenly get heavier. To me this is evidence that constructs have mass. It also supports the notion that lower frequency vibrations emotions such as hate and anger are heavier than high frequency emotions like love and gratitude. 


When resistance is very strong it feels like the fork is hitting a rubbery wall. Walls are usually found in the biofield between the client’s body and an emotional event in their timeline which they want to compartmentalise and cut themselves off from, for example: an abusive relationship or traumatic event. 


A common construct that’s found over the heart chakra (located in the center of the chest) is what’s known as a ‘heart shield’. It feels just like the rubbery walls I mentioned earlier. I have found that clients who have these typically have been hurt by someone in the past and who have ‘armoured up’ to protect themselves. The problem with wearing a shield permanently is that it weighs you down and prevents you living wholeheartedly. It also seems to trap emotions like anger, bitterness, resentment, and unforgiveness, whose dissonant frequencies are corrosive to the spirit and toxic to the body. 

Shackles & Clamps

My pendulum indicated that one of my first guinea pigs had a problem with her right foot. When I was tuning this client’s foot, I saw (through symbolic sight) what looked like a black cast iron shackle around her ankle with a ball and chain attached to it, just like the ones used in the past to prevent slaves or prisoners escaping. I didn’t want to freak my client out with this disturbing vision, so I asked her if she was having any difficulty moving forward with her life and if she felt like something from her past was holding her back. She surprised me by laughing loudly, then admitted her forward momentum was frustratingly slow and she was struggling to let go of the past.

A different client came to me with a similar problem, only she was not getting any “rubber on the road”, so to speak. She felt like her life was at a complete stand still and couldn’t figure out why. I was tuning her right foot when I had a vision of a boot or clamp, just like the ones parking wardens put on illegally parked cars. I learned that she too was having difficulty letting go of the past.


Sometimes these are found in the throat chakra of people who have difficulty speaking their truth, the truth or who self-sensor in other ways. What I've noticed is that these people typically do not believe in the power of their own inner authority. Physical symptoms of having a gag or build up of low frequency energy in this area are persistent sore throats, neck and shoulder pain, thyroid problems, and the feeling that something is suck in the throat.


Like the previous three constructs, this is another I had no prior knowledge of and was a bit surprised to find. I was working on the right side of a client’s field about three feet away from her solar plexus when my fork suddenly made a sound like a phone’s dial tone. My client heard it too. The more we listened the more it sounded like there were two dial tones. After checking her timeline, I estimated the age she would have been when this event was recorded. I asked her what was going on in her life at that time and she replied that she had had an abortion. Did the two dial tones symbolically represent the termination of her physical connection to her unborn baby? 

I have also found other types of energetic umbilical cords in other people’s fields, some of which have been attached to ex-partners. One client laughed out loud when I told her I’d found her ex partner. She said she was not surprised, her ex had been draining her energy right from the beginning of their relationship! 

Disturbingly, it’s not always human beings at the other end of client’s umbilical cords. I have also encountered a non-human entity that intensely disliked me interfering with their parasite/host relationship with my client, but that’s a whole blog entry unto itself! 

Drain Holes

Imagine you’re vacuuming the floor and someone accidentally trips on the power cord and your vacuum’s motor winds down and dies. That’s what it felt like to me the first time I came across a drain hole with an activated fork and it suddenly stopped vibrating as if the energy had been sucked right out of it. For a moment I thought my fork was broken, but as I moved it to a different area, it sounded fine again. By listening and feeling I could make out the size and shape of the dead zone. I call them drain holes because of their suction effect on the forks and how they relate to emotionally draining events in client’s time lines. It’s possible that until the hole is consciously repaired or closed, the emotions of the event it relates to will go on draining the person they belong to. 

Restoring Harmony & Balance

Taking down constructs is a fairly straightforward process for the tuner if the client wants it gone. Should the client be ready to let go of the emotions blocking them and to forgive themselves and others, it’s unlikely the shield will be rebuilt. 

To repair a drain hole or portal I visualise sealing them as I would mend a hole in fabric (that’s my tailoring background coming through), but instead of a needle and thread, I use the energy of my forks and my healing intention. I also ask my client to utilise his or her own healing powers by visualising closing the hole with me.

Before severing energetic cords, I tune the human at the other end and harmonise their energy frequencies so that their relationship to my client is also harmonised. Then, with another tailoring inspired visualisation, I imagine my forks are scissors and cut the energetic cord and tie the ends.

Once harmony is restored to the energy in the biofield it is considered ‘cleared’ and can be recycled into the client’s chakra system. This action has the effect of boosting their life-force energy or chi and reestablishing balance. Client’s who have had constructs removed have reported feeling lighter and are able to see things in a clearer light, but more on that in part three...


Not everything in the field is a construct. Some things are part of our energetic anatomy like the Ancestral River, which runs parallel down our body on the left hand side and carries the information of our forebears. 

Another river I’ve encountered is one I accidentally stumbled upon, which starts between the heels, extends past the feet and seems to just keep going. I dismissed it at first because at the time I was trying to locate my client’s Earth Star (our negative terminal) around which it’s normal to find resistance, so when my fork got caught in what felt like a strong current flowing away from the body, I was a bit freaked out and assumed I had done something wrong. But to my surprise, I found this current in the same place on many people and I realised I wasn’t doing anything wrong after all… I was discovering something new, or at least new to me.

I did some research into this foot river and found that in the kundalini and the twelve-chakra system we have intertwining energetic cords connecting our chakras which extend out a long way from our head and feet. This might explain the river I found. If there are any BT practitioners reading this blog, I would very much like to hear about your thoughts on this. Being able to help others in a meaningful way and discovering new and interesting things about what makes us tick is what I love most about this work.

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