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Who Knew Podcasting Could Be So Healing?

Healing can happen anywhere, anytime - even while creating a podcast.

What a roller coaster ride this podcast journey has been!!! If anyone has told you that producing and sustaining a podcast is easy, they were lying to you. It’s hard… and for a multitude of reasons. I found it so hard that I gave up a few times. But giving up came with more intense feelings of failure than trying and failing did, so I kept at it, and I’m so glad I did.

It all started in 2019 after some TV industry friends and colleagues told me that I had a good radio/tv presenting voice and suggested that I should have my own podcast or radio show. I was very flattered, but having worked behind the camera for some 20 years, stepping into the spotlight seemed very out of my comfort zone.

I thought I was quite content to continue working behind the scenes and leave podcasting up to people who enjoyed public life, but ideas for episodes kept me awake at night. I kept thinking about how much energy medicine had changed my life for the better and how valuable this information could be for others who were going through similar health crises as I did. I was torn.

What tipped the scales in favour of dipping my toes into podcasting was that I needed the audio equipment for my research anyway, and my energy therapy business could use some creative marketing content to boost client bookings.

Ironically, as soon as I decided to get over myself and give podcasting a go, my business took off and I didn’t need any marketing, word of mouth was doing all the work for me. So finding the time to write and record episodes was hard to come by.

By far the most challenging parts of podcasting for me were being disciplined about writing content, even when I wasn’t in the mood to write. Then there were the technical challenges, of which there were plenty! Speaking into a microphone might look easy, but it isn’t, especially if you’re slightly dyslexic, stuttery, and not at all confident about your voice, speaking style or mic technique.

The only thing I DID have confidence in was my material, so after many unsuccessful attempts at recording myself speaking, I learned to let my passion for my message provide me the necessary energy I needed to overcome these huge obstacles… and the audio editing hell that was to follow.

Despite following their advice to the letter, the podcasting courses I took weren’t much help. In fact, some of their advice steered me in the completely wrong direction about a few important things. Thankfully, one of the friends who had suggested I do the podcast was able to give my audio a polish with their wizz-bang fancy post-production tools, which saved me having to re-record everything again for the millionth time.

Even though my podcasting experience has provided me with some pretty big challenges, especially talking publicly about my sensitivity traits and personal healing journey, it's also taught me some very important life lessons too. Through this uncomfortable learning and growing process I've found my voice, a new level of passion for this work, and a deeper resource of inner strength that I hadn’t realised was there. I also found the confidence to ‘come out of the closet’, stop hiding from the world and be my authentic weird self.


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I hit the publish button. I sure as eggs wasn’t expecting the overwhelmingly positive response it’s received, and I was shocked to see the number of plays reach nearly 200 in the first two weeks.

Here's what some listeners have to say about it...

“Vanessa's content is so on-point and delivered in such a way that it is easy to understand these concepts. She breaks it down concisely into bite size pieces and delivers information in a heartfelt manner...

I’m thoroughly enjoying the vast breadth of knowledge about energy that she has and understands... due to the vastness of what she has personally experienced. It undoubtedly takes enormous courage to share this deeply felt authenticity."

- Helen K

"I was completely in awe of Vanessa's podcast. Massive bouts of resonance, other parts I need to push my own barriers and do more research. So glad for the opportunity to listen and learn what I believe should be part of daily conversation. Love Vanessa's lack of fear delving into her own past and bringing forth her present. Honesty is a trait to be admired, especially in this day and age. If there's one real podcast you should listen to it's this one!"

- Mel T

Reading critiques like this has made the massive challenges I faced worth while conquering. Thank you everyone who has given their support! 💓🌈⚡️🦋


If you have some feedback about season one, or suggestions for me about what you'd like me to include in season two, or if you'd like to leave me a brief testimonial, please click on the link below. Your thoughts and insights are much appreciated.

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If you haven’t checked out my podcast yet, I warmly invite you to join me on my journey of discovery into the often bizarre, but always fascinating world of energy medicine. Season One of ‘The Resonance Revolution’ is out now on:



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See you there!

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