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How To Optimise Your Session For Greater Results

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

In this blog you will learn what to do BEFORE, DURING and AFTER your session with me to accelerate your healing and whole-ing journey.


To answer some of the initial questions you might have about booking your session, I’ve listed a few tips to help make your experience as hassle free as possible.

Booking tip #1

I’m going to start with one of the most important tips I can give you. It’s an often overlooked detail that is of huge importance. When you book a session with me online you’ll see a little check box that asks you if you’ve read and understood my terms and conditions. Before you rush into ticking that box, assuming you already know what those terms and conditions are, stop and take a minute to actually read them. The reason that box is there and is a compulsory ticking situation is because those terms and conditions contain a list of what’s called contraindications.


Contraindications are circumstances in which a session would not be beneficial, or where there is possible risk, for example, for pregnant or breastfeeding women. That’s because tuning forks can have a powerful effect on some people, so I won’t use them on anyone if there are contraindications. You can find the list of all the known contraindications on the Terms and Conditions page of my website, which I’ve abbreviated to Ts and Cs.

If your health condition isn’t listed among the known contraindications, are you aren’t sure if an energy therapy session is the right therapy for you, please email me before your appointment day and ask.

Booking tip #2

All new clients need to fill out a client registration form. On it there’s a space where you can describe your past and present physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Even if you bullet point your history and current situation, that’s fine. This information is important, because it could save us lot of time and detective work tracking a health issue back to its origin event.

Origin Events

An origin event is one in which emotions are created by the body, but aren’t fully metabolised and those molecules of emotion and associated energy gets stored in the body and in the biofield for future processing. While that emotional energy is waiting to be processed, its signature frequency affects the vibration and therefore the health of the cells, which affects the health of the organ, which affects the health of the body system, which affects the health of the whole body. On top of that, to store this unprocessed energy also requires energy. So there can be a lot of your energy being sequestered by a single origin event and if you’ve had an emotional rollercoaster of a life, that equates to a lot of energy tied up in storage, when it could be put to better use, like powering your cells.

Booking tip #3

Book your sessions at least three days apart, to avoid the possibility of triggering a healing crisis, which can occur if you rush things, or if you are overlapping too many different healing modalities. A healing crisis is when your body becomes so over burdened you reverse any progress you might have made if you had taken your time.

Booking tip #4

Everybody is a sovereign being whose body and life journey is their own, so I won’t work on someone’s energy without their permission. So if you're a parent and would like your child to have a session, they’ll need to be old enough to give their consent. Minors need to be accompanied by an adult during their sessions.

Booking tip #5

When filling out your name on the forms, its important for your personal energetic assessment (which I do before your 1st Consultation appointment) that you put your first and last names, rather than a nick name or an alias. That’s because I’ve observed that the names we go by affects our energy field and that some names are beneficial while others are not. If you’re in a situation where your marital status has changed, or your want to change your name because you’re just not digging it, let me know and I can do an energy reading on each of them and let you know which ones are energetically beneficial. Sometimes a simple name change can boost your energy levels.

Booking tip #6

If you live in a different time zone and want to book a distance session outside of my normal work hours, I recommend you contact me a couple of days in advance of when you want your session, because if your day is my night, there may be several hours lag between texts and emails.

Booking tip #7

Most people require three or more sessions, so I’ve created four different pre-paid pricing plans options which will save you money. The ‘Kick Starter’ plan is 3 sessions, the ‘Good Vibes’ plan is 5 sessions, the ‘Light and Bright’ plan is 7 sessions, and ‘The Works’ is 9 sessions. At the time of writing this blog, you can use your plan to pay for any combination of session types, i.e., 1st Consultation, 1-On-1’s or Distance Sessions. To check out my prepaid plans, go to the Pricing Plans page on my website.

Booking tip #8

I’ve created a member’s area on my website so that you can create an account and manage your pricing plan and your bookings online. This is very convenient if you need to reschedule. You can also download the app so you can manage your account on the go.

Those are my booking tips, so let's move on.


I’m an ex Girl Scout and our motto was “Be prepared,” which has stuck with me for life. So here are my tips for preparing you for your energy therapy session, starting with a general piece of advice for starting your healing journey.

Regardless of whether you’ve chosen to take the alternative route or the conventional route to healing, or a complementary mixture of both, before you start your healing journey, please make sure you have a support network in place first. You might think that you won’t need it and can manage on your own, but things can go sideways and it's far better to be safe than sorry, should that happen. If you don’t have family or friends you can ask for support, check out the community counselling services in your area, many of which are free or donation based.

Ideally you want schedule some downtime before your session, so you’re in the right frame of mind to begin the healing process. Rushing around before hand might seem productive, but it’s not going to help you get the most out of your session and I’ll tell you why…

Research shows that getting into a state of relaxation is one of THE most important things you can do to help the healing process, but for many of you that’s easier said than done, and it’s the very reason you’ve come to me for help. A lot of what I do during your session is to get your brain to change its frequency, which signals your nervous system to change gear and your body to produce beneficial chemicals instead of harmful ones.

Brain Wave Frequencies

Let me explain the difference between the brain frequencies, or brain wave states as they are also known, so you have a clearer idea of why this is so important.

When the brain is actively engaged in mental activities, it generates Beta waves. There are three levels of Beta waves:

Low-range Beta is between 13-15 hertz (or cycles per second), and is defined as relaxed, interested attention, for example; reading a book that’s familiar material.

Mid-range Beta is between 16-22 hertz and is produced during focused attention on sustained external stimuli, for example if you were being tested on what you just read in your familiar book.

High-range Beta is between 22-50 hertz and can be observed during stressful situations where survival chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol are produced in the body. In this state, the brain becomes too amped up and focused on the stressful stimuli to be able to learn, problem solve or heal.

High-Beta is a short term survival mechanism and a long term source of stress and imbalance, because it requires an immense amount of energy to sustain. This is the most reactive, unstable and volatile of all the brain patterns.

When you’re in an Alpha state however, you’re relaxed, meditative, daydreaming, fantasising or have a detached awareness. Your brainwaves are moving at a frequency between 7-14 cycles per second. To better understand Alpha, close your eyes and imagine your happy place. See it in your minds eye, hear the sounds, smell the smells and feel the textures it has. This is the beginning of inducing the alpha state. Alpha has been known to reduce pain and is useful in healing and is the bridge between Beta and Theta.

I liken the difference between the Beta and Alpha frequencies to changing gears in your vehicle. Beta is like speeding along the motorway on the way to work during rush hour, while Alpha is like a slow Sunday afternoon cruise along the boulevard, which lets you appreciate all the sights, sounds and smells.

Theta is a state of deep relaxation and is the state used in hypnosis and dreaming while asleep. Theta results in us feeling truly restored after a nap. In this state the brain waves are slowed to a frequency of 4-7 cycles per second. Theta can be thought of as a door to the subconscious, which holds our memories, beliefs and behavioural programs. Many of my clients reach this brainwave state and have ‘ah-ha’ moments, like the recall of a long forgotten memory or dream and sometimes they astra travel, which is the sensation of being two places at once.

Delta happens when you’re in a deep sleep. In Delta your brainwaves slow to a frequency of 0-4 cycles per second. Many of my clients fall asleep on the massage table within minutes of their session starting and peacefully snore their way through their session, which is fine. When they awake they’re often embarrassed or apologetic about falling asleep during their session but it’s not an offence, it’s a good thing. It’s a sign that their body is receptive to the frequencies of the tuning forks and they’re making the most of the rest, digest and regenerate state that Theta and Delta provides.

Beta Endorphins

Other brain wave states have been discovered, but the only other one I want to mention here is Gamma. Gamma is the state we’re in when we learn and process information. Gamma waves stimulate the release of Beta endorphins. The word Endorphins is a blend of the words ‘endogenous’ meaning made in the body, and ‘morphine’ which is an analgesic or painkiller. Beta endorphins have been found to be even more potent at relieving pain than morphine, as well as interact with the dopamine system, which are the reward chemicals your body produces after certain activities to make you feel good. Beta endorphins also appear to be involved in higher mental activity and perception. In the gamma state your brainwaves cycle between 40-5000 cycles per second.

Some healers believe that spontaneous healing is more likely to occur when a person is in the Theta-Gamma range of frequencies.

So now you can see why practising relaxation techniques before your appointment can help you change gears at the beginning of your session, rather than the end, which allows for greater results.

Stillness and Surrender

One of the main objectives to practicing relaxation is to find stillness, which means unplugging from technology and finding a quiet space where you can push pause without interruption for 5-10 minutes. There are many ways you can do this, you can listen to calming music, or sit amongst nature and watch the wildlife, or watch the sun rise or sun set.

I have developed a ‘Surrender Meditation,’ which I implement during sessions for clients who have difficulty relaxing. I will be uploading an audio recording of this meditation to my website soon so you can download and listen to it. This meditation has helped me experience unity or ‘I am’ consciousness on multiple occasions. Unity consciousness is when you are so relaxed and receptive to Source energy that you merge into oneness with the Divine Mind.

I call my meditation the ‘Surrender Mediation’ because when you think you’ve done everything you can to achieve your goals, the next most productive step you can take is total surrender. I don’t mean surrendering in a defeatist way, I mean surrendering your problems to the Universe to allow it to do what it does best, which is support you on your path to higher consciousness.

If, like me, you’ve ever experienced almost drowning, you’ll be familiar with how fear and flailing around in a blind panic can make you drown even faster, but surrendering your situation to a higher power can save your life by helping you stay calm and float while you think clearly, creatively and intuitively out of your situation.

Carving out a few minutes of your day to be still and surrender has other benefits too. Not only does it give you the downtime it needs to rest, digest and regenerate, it also allows you time to listen to your body. I believe our body is our Primary Life Partner (PLP) and like any life-long relationship, your relationship to your PLP requires respect, good communication and trust. If you’re rushing around like chicken without a head, you’re not listening to Self and your PLP feels ignored and unappreciated.

To hear the quiet voice of your PLP, you need to be still and deeply listen to what it has to say. Your PLP is profoundly wise and it knows what it needs to be healthy, so trust it and let it know that it can trust you to look after it well. I know from direct experience that if you ignore that quiet voice and it’s soft cries for help, you’ll miss vital clues on how to avoid chronic illness, pain and a potential life crisis. Practicing stillness and surrender is the best investment in your future health and wellbeing you can possibly make… and its free!

Cut Back On Stimulants

If you're struggling to achieve a state of stillness, I highly recommend you slowly ween yourself caffeine and sugar. Unfortunately these very addictive stimulants are over utilised to 'stay alert' or 'get and energy boost,' but because they create a high-beta brain state they can leave you feeling anxious, obsessive, compulsive and depressed. They also create an artificial state of alertness which tricks your brain into thinking that your body has more energy reserves than it actually does.

To help you appreciate what your PLP has to do just keep you alive, consider this. Your body already has a huge workload and performs trillions of tasks 24/7. For example your community of about 50-100 trillion cells is performing around 100,000 chemical processes per second. Your body makes between 2-3 million new red blood cells every minute and it also has to repair millions of damaged cells.

Habitual use of stimulants like caffeine and sugar to prop up a busy or stressful lifestyle means you’re pushing your body into energy deficit which could to lead to chronic fatigue, burnout and eventually organ failure or even a heart attack.

Processed sugar is a toxin and your body uses up a lot of its resources to eliminate the processed sugar from your body, which is why a sugar rush is followed by an energy crash. This creates a vicious cycle of cravings to help get you ‘high’ again. Sugar is robbing your body of more energy than its providing, and putting you body out of balance.

If you choose to quit stimulants in preparation for your session I recommend you start slowly and as early as possible so that you’re not going through withdrawal at the same time that you’re having your sessions. If you want to have a beverage before your appointment, I suggest you have something calming like Kawa-kawa or camomile tea.

When I quit caffeine and sugar I was able to reach an Alpha state more quickly and easily and I was able to hear my body talking to me. I was also able to enter states of calmness and bliss I never imagined were even possible. So I can highly recommend it.

Here are some more things you can do before your 1-On-1 appointment to optimise your session for greater results…

Plan Your Journey In Advance

If you’ve booked a 1-On-1 session with me, check in advance with your GPS how long it will take you to travel from your place to my studio and leave home with enough time for unexpected delays like road works. Running late will put your brain into a High Beta brain wave state, and it will take you longer to get into an Alpha brainwave state in preparation for your session.

Its far better to arrive a few minutes earlier than a few minutes late, because it gives you time to practice your Surrender Meditation in your car while you wait for your appointment to start. If you do arrive early, by all means message me to let me know because I might be able to start your session earlier.

If you are running late, please give me a courtesy message to let me know your estimated time of arrival. If its more than 15 minutes over your appointment start time, I may have to reschedule your session, so it doesn’t create a domino effect and impact other client’s appointments.

Cancellation Policy

Please note: that because I turn away other clients to hold your appointment open I have a 24 hour cancellation/no show policy. That means if you cancel or postpone your session with less than 24 hours notice your session fee will be forfeit.


Before you leave home, make sure you’re wearing the appropriate clothing and by appropriate I mean soft and comfortable like active wear. The last thing you want is your belt buckle, buttons or zippers poking into you while you’re lying down on a massage table trying to relax into a healing state of consciousness.

Children and Pets

If you’re a parent, please don’t bring your children along to your session, unless of course the session is for them. The main reason for this being the distraction they create while they’re waiting for you to finish your session. Another reason being their biofield might over lap with yours, which makes it difficult for me to work exclusively on your biofield.

Support Person

You’re welcome to have a support person be in the room with you during your session, just let me know in advance they’re coming so I can accomodate them comfortably. Please also let me know in advance if you have any mobility issues.


Ok, here’s some things you can do during your appointment to optimise your session.

The Importance of Setting Your Intention

THE most important thing you can do at the beginning of your session is set your intention. Ask yourself, “What is my goal for this session?” Is it to increase your vitality? Is it to have calmer and clearer thoughts? Is it to find the root cause of a chronic illness? Is it to reduce pain? Is it to put a stop to self-destructive behaviour? Many people have a shopping list of goals, so it’s difficult for them to choose something specific, while others have no idea what they need, and that’s ok too.

I know from experience that the Universe works in mysterious ways, so it’s ok to be general with your intention and set it to become healed and whole. When I set my intention for the session at the beginning of every session I set it to do the highest good for all and do no harm, which allows room for the Universe to work its magic.

Energy flows where your attention goes, so focusing your attention and energy on the parts of your body and your life that need the most transformation will make a big difference, especially if we’re both doing that in unison.

What we’re doing essentially during your session is reconciling you with your PLP and becoming acquainted with your subconscious (which is your cellular memory and your biofield). Together we’re connecting with Source energy and time passes differently when you do this work. Hours seem like minutes and many of my clients are surprised by how fast the sessions fly by and wish they could stay in that state for longer.


If you book a distance session with me, make sure that during your session you’re not in close proximity to other humans or animals as their biofields overlap with yours and it makes it pretty impossible for me to see your field clearly. When I first started doing distance session and before I knew this was an issue, I was doing a distance session for a client and couldn’t figure out why I was getting such a confusing reading on her feet. I called her to discuss the problem I was having and she said that when she lay down on her bed to relax during her session her cat had climbed up and gone to sleep between her feet.

On average our biofields extend about 5-6 feet away from our bodies, so a good rule of thumb is to keep at least 12 feet distance from people and animals during your distance session.

That covers the big stuff, now here’s some other things you can do during your session…

Keep Hydrated

One thing I’m always reminding clients to do is to keep well hydrated! Because our bodies are 70% water, and water is a very efficient conductor of sound, the wavefront of the tuning forks can have a profound effect on the liquids in our bodies. The first effect you are likely to notice is the urge to pee more. So I strongly advise you to go to the toilet before your session begins, so you’re comfortable.

Keeping well hydrated also helps prevent detox symptoms like headaches, tiredness and nausea. When the energy and liquids in your body start to move during a session it can dislodge stored toxins, which your body then needs to get rid of so it doesn’t become stored again. As they’re being eliminated out of your body these toxins can make you feel yucky before you feel better. Generally detox symptoms only last for a couple of days, after which you feel cleaner and clearer, a lot like a food detox does, but on a much deeper level.

Fertility Cycle Recalibration

Women’s menstrual cycles can also be affected by sound healing techniques. The pattern I’ve noticed is that some women’s periods come a few days earlier than expected. One of my clients reported that she suspected her session had triggered ovulation, which was a surprise to her and her doctor because she had been through menopause, and her cycle had stopped two years previously. This illustrates how potent energy medicine can be and why pregnancy and breastfeeding are included in the contraindications list.


If you’ve booked a distance session I strongly advise to not to work, work out or drive a vehicle during your distance session. Receiving a distance session can be very distracting and it can make you drowsy, so the best thing you can do is relax and meditate, that way you can focus your attention and intention on healing. If you're busy doing the housework or pushing paper around your desk you’e not likely to notice any energy shifts, changes in perspective or sensory experiences.


Here’s some things you can do after your session…

Schedule in some downtime

It’s best to schedule some down time after your session because you may feel sleepy and need to take a nap. That’s because having an energy therapy session is a lot like eating a big lunch, your body needs time to metabolise and integrate all that energy before it becomes available for use. Everybody’s metabolism is different so that energy integration might take an hour, or it might take a day. Its important to be patient with yourself and honour your body’s needs.

You may also feel emotional after your session. I suggest you keep a journal of what comes up during and after your sessions. These are the things your subconscious is bringing to the surface for you to take a closer look at and learn from.

Epsom Salt Baths

Epsom salts, or magnesium sulphate as its also known, has been used as a temporary performance boost for ageing car batteries since the 1950s. When mixed with warm bath water Epsom salts can increase our electrolyte levels too. Electrolytes are chemicals that conduct electricity when mixed with water. They anchor the life force in water, but they also help regulate nerve and muscle function, hydrate the body, balance blood acidity and pressure, and help rebuild damaged tissue and improve sleep. Plus they feel amazing.


At the end of each session I give out homework so you can make progress in between sessions. This not only helps you keep your momentum going, it also demonstrates your own ability to heal yourself. I can tell if someone has done their homework because I do ‘before’ and ‘after’ readings of your energy levels for every session. There are other tell-tale signs of homework being done which show up as improvements in the client’s biofield and an acceleration of their healing and personal growth, which is heartwarming to witness.


If you have any questions or observations that you would like to share with me about your session, please feel free to email me your feedback. I will endeavour to reply in writing asap. Sharing your observations with me helps you solidify your thoughts about your progress when you record them in writing. It also helps us both to connect the dots between the things I’ve found in your biofield and your life experiences, which ultimately helps you progress faster.


Healing is not about what gets taken away from you, its about what you gain from it. Healing teaches you:

  • goal setting

  • how to be prepared

  • how to cope in a crisis

  • patience

  • honesty

  • humility

  • self-knowledge

  • self-appreciation

  • compassion

  • determination

  • and inner strength

  • It brings out your grittiness and warrior spirit and shows you what you’re made of

  • It teaches you the value of family, friendships and community support networks

  • It can reunite you with your PLP and help you love and appreciate it on a whole new level

  • It can help expand your consciousness and see life from the soul’s perspective

  • It can teach you countless life lessons, which you can use to improve your life and the lives of others.

Healing is an adventure that gives much more than it takes away, it just depends on how you look at it. Attitude is everything. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude and you will heal much, much faster.

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you find my advice helpful.

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